Nursing/Milk Strike after starting solids

DD has recently stopped wanting milk, from a bottle or from me. All yesterday afternoon/evening I could only get her to nurse around 2 am and again this am around 6. She eats solids like a champ, but will NOT drink milk. She refused bottles all last week from the nanny. We try before meals so that she is hungry, but no luck. She will refuse the milk and want nothing to do with it, but then eat 2 containers of baby food. She leans back and cries when we try to feed her. Or, she tries the nipple a couple times, but keeps spitting it out, backing off and crying and seems to really just want her paci.

I don't know why this has happened but it could be any number of things. We just moved, so there have been tons of changes; she has teeth and has bitten me a few times and I've jumped and said no and she then cries (maybe I scared her??); she is getting used to solids; I've just put her back on reflux meds to see if that makes any difference. Maybe my supply is down and she is too frustrated to wait for let down??

Pedi said 10 to 15 ounces of milk/day is the minimum, and we're hitting that, but it's a huge change from where she was a few weeks ago. 

If you went through this, did your LO start drinking again? Or did the "strike" become a permanent situation?

We are putting milk in her meals starting today, so that she gets some milk that way. We've also offered a cup (just with water so far) for practice, but she's not "getting" that at all yet so milk in a cup wouldn't help.

Any thoughts? 

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Re: Nursing/Milk Strike after starting solids

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    My LO has been doing this since starting solids too.  It has started to get better the past couple of days, but she is drinking a lot less than what she used to.  I pretty much exclusively pump at this point and my fridge is filling up with milk.  I would freeze it, but she won't touch thawed milk (we've tried several times).  I don't know if this is permanent or not, so I don't want to stop pumping so much quite yet.  I don't have any advice, but I am interested in what others have to say.
  • Try mixing it in her food.
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