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Do I need a confirmation appointment?

Hello all,

So I have been blessed after 9 months of trying with a positive at home pregnancy test. This is our first baby, I called this morning to set up an appointment, and they scheduled me for the 3 month point... is this normal? I know my other friends have talked about having a confirmation apt? This might be a silly questions but I am brand new to this!


Re: Do I need a confirmation appointment?

  • Every doctor's office is different and has different procedures.  I only had a confirmation blood draw for insurance purposes (I had to prove I was pregnant to get a referral to an OB).  Also, my first appointment wasn't supposed to be until 10 weeks but I dealt with a week of spotting so I had an earlier appointment.  
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  • My GP referred me to the lab for a confirmatory test (urine, not blood), and using that they referred me to an OB clinic.  The OB clinic doesn't normally see people until about 10-12 weeks.
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  • With my first pregnancy that ended in a loss, I opted to have my beta tested after the first bfp and then a week after to make sure it was progressing correctly to ease my mind. This time, I took a test at 13 dpo, got a positive and didn't even see the doc until 8 weeks 2 days. I felt this time that what would happen would happen and I didn't want to spend the money on something that I felt was unnecessary. I guess it all depends on what will ease your mind and what your doctor's procedures are. If you feel a blood test would make you feel better, I would definitely look in to it. Best of luck and happy and healthy 9 months to you!!
  • You can always call back and ask if you really want one or see your primary care for one. But everyone is pretty spot on as far as every dr office is dif. Best of luck and congrats!
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    Each practice is different. For mine the first appt is 8-10 weeks and they do not do a blood, urine, or ultrasound to confirm. You have an internal at your first appt and your uterus is a little bigger so she can tell your pregnant. 
  • Not required at all. I had one because I needed to switch from my PCP to an OBGYN & I wanted her recommendation, so I set up a confirmation apt. to confirm & ask questions before switching. I felt a lot better after going in! A little reassurance was what I needed.
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  • Thank you! I guess i am not worried about weather I am pregnant or not just feeling anxious about waiting that long to meet with anyone! But I guess that sounds like the norm! Thanks again!
  • My OB doesn't do confirmation appointments.  They told me that at-home pregnancy tests are accurate enough that a test in the office isn't necessary.  3 months doesn't seem odd to me.  My office sees patients for the first prenatal between 8-10 weeks and doesn't do ultrasounds under normal circumstances until at least 10 weeks.  Every doctor is different.  I hated waiting with DS because he was my first and I had no idea what to expect.
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  • I had one with my first because I thought you were supposed to. All I did was piac, and then didn't see a midwife until 15 wks. This time I'm going straight to the midwife and probably won't see her until 10 or 12 weeks.


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  • Some have one and some don't. It all depends on the doctor. 
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