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Swimming in the lake?

I know this sounds like a silly question but my moms friend insists I check with my dr about swimming in the lakes while pregnant. We have a trip planned this weekend and she will be there and is super worried about me in the lake. I've done some googling and did see some good and bad stuff but it just seems silly to me and I just feel dumb bugging my dr about it. So before I call I thought I'd put the question out there to see what kind of responses I get. Ive seen so much stuff about bacteria in the water but it's fine every other time just not pregnant? My vervix is closed so no worries about anything getting in to baby and I don't plan on drinking the water or anything so I think I'll be fine.

Re: Swimming in the lake?

  • Go swimming. Lake water isn't going to be an issue unless the lake is under an E. Coli warning or something. There's a reason you have a mucus plug. :)
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  • I say go for it.  There is risk getting out of your bed every morning, and you still do that!  I would think if you don't drink the water and take a good shower after then it should be fine.  Happy swimming!
  • I asked my doctor about river tubing a couple weeks ago. They wanted to make sure I wouldn't be in any rapids, but didn't say a thing about river water. I assume the lake is fine too.

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    Go swimming. Lake water isn't going to be an issue unless the lake is under an E. Coli warning or something. There's a reason you have a mucus plug. :)

    This. Go enjoy yourself and don't let her bug you. Women were having babies just fine before we knew the term germ,  and they used to use lakes and rivers and a source of bathing. Our bodies are built to protect the baby, enough said.

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  • I read a book called The Horse Boy, about a little boy with autism. In the book the author cited a study that suggested swimming in "dirty water" could have some link to autism. Obviously its just a book, but it worried me for awhile until I talked to my midwife. I've gone swimming in our local lake and the ocean since being pregnant. Go for it momma! Its entirely too hot, especially when pregnant, not to indulge in swimming!

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  • I've done it! I just tried not to swallow any lake water. We are just fine!

    Unless there are specific warnings about the lake you are going to, I wouldn't worry. Enjoy!

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  • Yep, go swimming! I am assuming that the lake is considered safe for swimming.... As long as it is clear for swimming you should be fine.
  • Totally safe and fine.  My GF still went tubing with us when pregnant with her first.  Her son turned out just fine!  If DH allowed I would still be water skiing on a calm lake.  I don't fall so I see no problems.
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  • Thanks ladies. I was sure I'd be OK and have already swam in the lake once this summer but since she was concerned I figured I'd ask you girls and if you thought it warrented a call to my doc then I'd call him. I will ENJOY!!!
  • It was my understanding the it's not an issue of bacteria with lake water, but the water temperature and pressure. If you are high risk, I would talk to your doctor. Otherwise I am sure following common sense is enough.
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