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FTM here. I browsed several pages and tried to search seeing if this had been asked recently. I am hoping to start pumping in the next couple weeks and would like to build up a small freezer stash. I was wondering what freezer bags you ladies would recommend? I've read the Lasinoh bags have big issues with leaking upon thawing, and Medela just seem expensive. I have several medela freezer storage bottles. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!



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  • I've used both Medela and Lansinoh freezer bags and prefer the Lansinoh much better.  They lie flatter and are easier to fill.  I haven't thawed any of my milk yet, so I'm not sure about the leaking when thawing.  I have a couple Medela bottles frozen, but those are WAY more space consuming! 

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  • I've always used Lansinoh, personally I've never had an issue of leaking while thawing. I did get a few samples of Honeysuckle bags, those worked fine too.


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  • I use Lansinoh and have never had any leakage, no matter how I thaw (running water, sitting in cold water, in the fridge).
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  • I use Lansinoh, and in the maybe 100 bags I have thawed I have only had 2 leaks.

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  • Also a FTM, but I am using Target's Up and Up. They are working great and aremuch more affordable.
  • I've tried a few brands...Medela, Lanisoh, Target Up and Up, and Nuk.  My favorite by far are the Target ones.  Also, of all the bags I've used, I haven't had any leaks (BFing 8 months).  I would definitely recommend the Target brand.
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  • Lansinoh.  I have thawed over 300 bags in the last 9 months and I have had only 1 leak.  I just have them thaw in a bowl in the fridge, but I have had zero problems with them.
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  • I use the Ameda pour n store bags.  They only hold up to 5 oz which I like because LO has never take more than a 5 oz bottle.  They also have a pour spout which helps when I make her bottles.  I have never used any other bags so I have nothing to compare them to.
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  • I freeze BM in Lasinoh bags. I've never used my frozen milk; only donated it. I have always told the moms to thaw the milk in a bowl just in case, but no one has ever mentioned leaks being a problem. I have heard that freezing bags stacked on top of each other and then pulling them apart can cause leaks, so just make sure you're freezing them separately and then stacking.
  • I use Ameda.  So far no issues.  These were included with my pump from the insurance company.  If I wasn't provided with bags, I think I would go the 1 ounce ice cube tray method, where you just put the ice cubes in a ziplock bag after you freeze them in the tray.  That way you can easily make any sized bottles later on. 

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  • I like the Lansinoh bags. I used them for a year with DS1 and had probably less than three leaks. Regardless of the bags, you can always thaw them by placing them inside of another clean container, like a ziplock bag or Tupperware. That way, if they do happen to leak, you can still use the milk.
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  • I use Lansinoh. A couple have leaked when thawed, but I just put the milk bag in a bigger plastic bag then put it in a bowl of water, so that if it does leak, I don't lose the milk. I like that they can be frozen very flat and don't take up a ton of space.
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  • I used the Lansinoh bags for a year and only had one leak out of several hundred bags that I froze and defrosted.
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    Also a FTM, but I am using Target's Up and Up. They are working great and aremuch more affordable.



  • I use Lansinoh storage bags, DS is 16 months and I've been using them since he was 5 weeks old and only had 1 leak.

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