Breastfeeding and Starting Solids..

So my LO is now almost 7 months old and he has finally got "eating" down and actually enjoys it. I know "food under 1 is just for fun" so I want to make sure that I am not over feeding.

 His typical feeding schedule: Nurse at 5am, (3) 3 - 4oz bottles between 8-4pm plus 1/2 of the small Gerber containers of fruit (sometimes less) in between. He has a quick comfort nurse when I get home around 5pm,  2 baby-spoon fulls of veggies around 6, and a few more short nursing sessions before bed around 8-9pm. He does still wake in the middle of the night at least once to feed also.

So Questions Ladies:

1.) How much baby food do you give your babies 

2.) Do you split fruits/veggies during the day

3.) Vitamin D drops.. essential now that hes eating or no?

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Re: Breastfeeding and Starting Solids..

  • At that age, my LO nursed around 6:30 (before leaving for DC), got a container of baby food around 8, I went to nurse him at 11 (I work close enough I can go once a day), another container of food at 12, bottle at 3, food at 4, nurse at 7 and down for the night.  Sometimes we'd change up the baby food and send in bananas or avocados or other soft foods.  I tended to do fruits in the mornings and veggies later in the day and we never did Vitamin D drops (I just kept forgetting). 


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  • We did BLW, so our schedule was a little different, but at that age he was given whatever DH and I ate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and I nursed him before each meal at his regular times.  So nursing didn't decrease at all, food was in addition to it.  He ate as much as he wanted at meal times - I would continue to give him solids until he didn't want any more (but again, with BLW he was feeding himself so able to self regulate).  He got fruits, veggies, meats, and starches with most meals.
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  • 1) We do BLW. At 7 months, I would offer food if he was awake for B, L, and D. He didn't consume very much. I never noticed it impacting his nursing, and at 10 m I'd say he still nurses the same. 

    2) Nope. He gets a mixture of all the food groups over the course of a couple days. I don't worry too much about him getting any one particular food group. Rather, I just only offer pretty healthy choices.

    3) Some people would say they are never essential. We still give them when we remember, but we forget and don't stress about it.  


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