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I know people have posted their evening routines before, but since the search button is awful, could you please post one more time. Also if you have 2 by yourself even better. Thanks to the posters that responded to my earlier post on being by myself. I think it will get easier. I think I am struggling because LO will take her 3rd nap in the evening, so getting her to bed at a decent hour is hard.

Re: Evening routine

  • I am often alone in evenings, DH gets home between 7-8pm usually. I pick both kids up at daycare at 4:30pm (I work from 7am-4:30pm) and we are home by 5pm. I drop all my bags, put my pumped milk in the fridge and we have play time. I find giving them (especially DS #1) immediate attention makes everything move smoother. We have some play time, doing puzzles, reading or playing legos while I nurse DS#2 (yay for multi-tasking). By about 5:45pm I start dinner, I stick to very easy dinners during the week and meal plan on Sundays, so there is not much time wasted on thinking of what to make. I allow DS#1 to watch a show while I am making dinner and usually have DS#2 in the bjorn, bouncer or swing. We are lucky because by dinner time (6:30-6:45pm) DS#2 is tired and ready for a nap. He sleeps in the swing while DS#1 and I eat. I make a plate for DH and leave all the dishes. I do all dishes when DH gets home and pack for the next day. DH baths DS#1 and I bathe DS#2 and nurse him.  We all have story time together- by 9pm myself and both kids are in bed.

    The nights that I am alone all night I skip baths which makes things much easier.

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  • skyejoskyejo
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    I have two and am alone this week while DH is out of town for work.  DH is a huge help but even when he's not around I basically follow the same routine:

    530pm: pick girls up from daycare

    5:45pm: get home, unload car, heat up dinner (I try to always prep something the night before)

    6pm: dinner

    6:15pm to 7:30pm: play time

    7:30pm: bathe DD2 (on bath nights 3x week), DD1 helps

    7:45pm: nurse DD2 and turn on Sesame Street for DD1

    8:00pm: lay DD2 down

    8:15pm: bath for DD1

    8:30pm: play, cuddle, stories

    9:00pm: lay DD1 down

    9:30pm: run around like crazy.  I prep bottles and food for DD2, clean the kitchen, shower, lay out all of our clothes, pick up/clean (if I'm feeling it) etc.  I try to be done around 11pm so I can relax until bed at 1130pm/midnight. 

    I feel like we're in a pretty good routine though I'm exhausted by the end of the day.

  • jd614jd614
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    I am alone most of the time in the evening. I come home around 6, make or heat up dinner. I do a lot
    Of prepping Sundays so I have things in the freezer or leftovers and don't spend much time cooking . DS and I sit down to dinner together . We play from 645 til 715, lately trying to be outside for a bit. 715 we go up for bath time, 730ish bottle and bed. I'm sure it's much harder with 2 but I think the key is really having meals prepped ahead of time . I cut up all my veggies on Sundays , I do lots in the crock pot and eat leftovers twice a week so that helps. After DS is in bed I make my lunch for the next day, shower and iron . I also catch up on laundry if need be but I like to be in bed by 930
    Bc I wake up so early so lots gets left for the weekend !
  • hocushocus
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    I'll be honest we let the kids watch TV at night sort of "help out". I limit it to 90 mins on weeknights. We get home from daycare around 6:00. 

    6:00 - 6:30 kids watch a show on PBS (I dvr several shows so there is always something to watch). I break down the stroller, unpack and repack their bags and start on dinner

    6:30-7:00 I bath my younger child. My older child sometimes joins in and sometimes doesn't

    7:00 or dinner. DH is home for this about 50% of the time right now.

    7:30 I let the kids watch one more show and then the 2 year old does his bedtime (PJ's if he isn't already in them, books, song etc) He's in his crib by 8:15. The parent who puts my son to be cleans up toys and does the dishes.

    8:45 we start putting my older child down. She has a longer routine which is includes bathroom time and a bath if she hasn't taken one with her brother. She's general down by 9:15-9:30.

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  • We get home at about 5:45/6:00, DD1 usually has a snack in the car on the way home. I put the TV on and the girls play while I get dinner ready. Sometimes I join them while it's cooking, and I'm usually in and out of the room regardless because DD2 is climbing on something.  Eventually I put her in her high chair while I finish things up, and I start giving DD2 dinner.  DH comes home at 6:30, and we all eat dinner together.  I take the girls upstairs for bath and if DH can he'll clean up dinner (if not I'll clean it after the girls are in bed).  I usually throw them in the bath together and then I take DD2 to get her dressed, while DD1 dresses herself, we all go back downstairs, and usually DD1 gets to watch 1 TV show or play while I feed DD2. Then I take DD2 upstairs when she's done with her bottle around 7:15/7:30 and read her a book, go back downstairs and then bring DD2 up around 7:45, and we do teeth, potty and book, and then I go back downstairs to finish cleaning up whatever DH didn't do and then start making all the lunches and packing everyone's bag for tomorrow.  Sometimes DH will do bedtime for one of the girls, but it usually falls onto me.

    it's usually 8:30/9:00 before I'm able to sit down and relax, and I'm usually in bed by 10:30

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  • I only have 1, but we're home from DC anytime between 5-6, with a nap in the car going home.  DH is usually home around the same time.  Whoever gets home first walks the dogs.  We aim for dinner by 6, though sometimes it's just LO and we eat later (also keep it easy), bath at 6:30, nurse around 7 and he's down for the night after nursing.  DH usually takes care of the dishes (he doesn't like the way I load the dishwasher, so he can do it) and I try to straighten up a bit before we settle in for the evening.

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  • I have two and DH travels for work so Im basically a SIM.

    Our Evening routine:

    Leave work around 5:30-5:45

    Pick up DS from Daycare

    6pm Pick up DD from School f

    6:30 PM drive to barn (feed horses) 

    7PM HOME.

    Wake up DS from carseat.

    cook dinner...

    8pm Clean up, get coffee ready for AM.

    815pm Either jump in shower with DS or bath

    9PM-9:30PM TRY to wind everyone down for bed.

     10PM-10:30ish- Hopefully DS is passed out so i can set up clothes for him and I for AM.

    Pack my lunch for work- stage everything by front door so AM is not super rushed.

    Most of my evening is drive time. that is my biggest chore. I try a LOT of crock pot dinners. And generally multitask everything. Like if dinner is in the oven, i will jump in the shower with LO and get pjs... stuff like that.

    Am's are pretty easy as long as i have everything set out the night before.

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  • I don't know if this is possible with your LO needing a nap, but when mine were really small, and I was working late, and DH was working later, I would take them to have a picnic at the playground or the pool or dinner at the zoo a couple of days a week.  I just went there directly from daycare (so what if I was the only mom at the playground in heels :)). 

    I really felt like I got some QT with the kids, and it was much less stressful for me than trying to cook and entertain them. 

    Oh, and bring PJ's, bouncy seat, and a few toys into the bathroom.  No one emerges from the bathroom until they are bathed, have jammies on, and teeth are brushed.  

  • If I'm doing everything myself and it's during the school year then we might get home a little later but here's by best estimates:

    5:15 - pick up the kids

    5:30 - get home and have dinner; I typically have something like leftovers or something I've made ahead of time so that it's super fast.  While the oldest three eat, I feed the baby her food while trying to eat a little myself.

    6:00 - hopefully cleaning up from dinner.  The kids have some playtime and the oldest might be doing homework.

    6:30 - if we're doing baths I'd take the youngest two upstairs for a bath while the older two stayed downstairs to play otherwise it's basically playtime for everyone and I am either joining in or reviewing what needs to be done for the next day and getting that stuff ready

    6:50 - older kids upstairs an in the bathtub, younger two in pj's, baby fed her bottle and put down for bed, toddler read his books and in bed by 7

    7:15 - older kids out of bath, in pj's and a little time to just relax before we read books and they go to bed no later than 8

    Sometimes I'm actually really amazed at how smoothly it all goes.

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  • (editing this b/c I read your original post)

    First, my kids go to bed too late, too, but I cut myself a lot of slack with a baby. If the baby had a fussy night and/or needed to eat a couple times, then the other kids' schedule just got pushed back a bit. It's actually getting better again now that my LO is 7 months old. 

    I'm by myself most evenings a lot of the year. DH is around more in summer and winter. Here's generally how it generally goes. First, note that my house is way more disorganized than I would like and my kids go to bed too late.

    6:00 get home, talk to nanny.

    6:15 If it's light out, sometimes we play outside or go for a walk. Then kids watch two shows (Backyardigans, Blues Clues, Olivia) while I nurse the baby, change clothes and get dinner ready. They each get to choose a show from the DVR. 

    7:15ish Eat dinner. This goes on a long time b/c they are SLLOOOW. It's easier now b/c Baby goes in her high chair and eats baby food. I feed her while we all eat. She also will sit in her high chair with some toys for a bit.

    8ish they play (inside or outside on the patio where I can see them) while I clean up. Baby goes into bouncer or sits on the floor with some toys. Dinner always seems like a huge mess no matter what we have.

    8:15ish? 8:30? In summer, we often go outside again even for just a little bit to get some air. Then I get baby in her jammies and nurse her. Get her to bed and put her down while other kids play (hopefully they are playing nicely) 

    8:30ish Bathe the two bigger kids together (every other night) or we play, clean up a bit, jammies, vitamin, brush teeth, fill up sippy cups, choose books.

    9:30ish Read two books (each choose one); once in awhile 3. Tuck them in.

    10ish by the time they are in bed with lights out. 

    I'm exhausted by that point. I go on the computer and Bump, check FB, do whatever online errand stuff I need to do. Fold laundry, maybe. Maybe watch TV. Talk to DH when he gets home about 11. Go to bed 11:30ish (too late).  

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  • image ClaryPax:
    I know people have posted their evening routines before, but since the search button is awful, could you please post one more time. Also if you have 2 by yourself even better. Thanks to the posters that responded to my earlier post on being by myself. I think it will get easier. I think I am struggling because LO will take her 3rd nap in the evening, so getting her to bed at a decent hour is hard.

    First of all, 2 by yourself sounds awful.  I know it can be done but it would suck in our house because our girls are so small (18 months and just barely 3).

    Here is exactly what my husband and I do:

    5:45 p.m arrive at home, play w/kids, go outside, and attempt to figure out dinner.

    6:30: either someone made dinner or it's too late to start and we give up and order food or heat up leftovers.

    7:00: usually we are considering eating dinner soon and still playing with kids.

    7:30- Dinner time.

    8:00: while one spouse cleans up after dinner, the other bathes both girls.

    8:15: the other spouse helps dry off girls, and I brush the girls teeth and we both put them in PJs.

    8:15-8:45 we watch tv w/the girls and/or read books.

    8:45 I take the baby upstairs to nurse her and put her down.

    9:00(ish)- husband brings up the toddler and puts her to bed.

    9:15-12:00 midnight- husband and I do stuff on computer then watch tv and go to bed too late and curse ourselves in the morning.  

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  • I only have one, and now that he is a bit older and independent, it can vary more, but when he was younger it went something like this:

    4:45-5pm: arrive home

    5-5:30: DS watches a show and snacks while I take care of the dog, change, random tasks around the house/when he was younger, I would give him a bottle

    5:30-6: Dinner prep

    6-7: (this varies because some evenings I run from 6:15-7): eat dinner, hang out

    7: bath time

    7:30: PJs, hang out some more, get things ready for the next day

    8: bed time and book

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