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Nursing Strike/Milk Strike

DD has recently stopped wanting milk, from a bottle or from me. Yesterday I could only get her to nurse around 2 am and again this am around 6. She eats solids like a champ, but will NOT drink milk. We try before meals, but no luck. I don't know why this has happened but it could be any number of things. We just moved, so there have been tons of changes; she has teeth and has bitten me a few times and I've jumped and said no (maybe I scared her??); getting used to solids; I've just put her back on reflux meds to see if that makes any difference. Maybe my supply is down and she is too frustrated to wait for let down??

Pedi said 10 to 15 ounces of milk/day is the minimum, and we're hitting that, but it's a huge change from where she was a few weeks ago. 

If you went through this, did your LO start drinking again? Or did the "strike" become a permanent situation?

This is my third baby and I nursed the others just past a year, but if this is going to be so hard this time I think I would end up weaning early. 

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Re: Nursing Strike/Milk Strike

  • I EP with my LO (8.5 months) so I don't have to wonder about the supply part, but over the past week she has made bottle feeding a real hassle. She squirms and crying and screams when I try to lean her back at all. She'll try to eat it sitting up but that only works for so long until the bottle gets low. We're trying to switch to a sippy cup to see if that's easier for her but she still can't get the hang of them. Hopefully it's a just a phase for both of us. Personally, I think my LO just wants to go play and crawl around now that she's finally good at it.

  • I went through a nursing strike at about 5 months after having ups and downs with nursing. After confirming my thoughts that she had a tongue tie we got it fixed and nursing got better.... Then, I think because ofteething but not positive, it became a battle again with both of us ending up sobbing after an hour of trying to get her latched so I started EP and have been ever since (she's 9 months, started EP at 5.5) I did keep offering her the boob but she just didn't want it.... So not necessarily did she stop bc of the strike but it was the beginning of the end.... Good luck, I really miss the good times we had nursing!
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