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Family Crying Baby

If a family member is holding my baby girl and she starts to have a screaming melt down, I appreciate that you want to help out but please just give her back to me. My heart breaks when I hear her so upset and then whoever is holding her will walk out of the room with her to try and calm her down elsewhere but it doesn't make me feel any better to hear my baby screaming in the distance. I know my baby and how to calm her down, I hate having to track you down and take her back. Just save us the time and give her back because chances are the only thing that will make her happy at that point is my boob! Is this just a FTM mentality or what?

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Re: Family Crying Baby

  • That's when I just walk up to whoever has her, say, "she might want to eat," and hold my hands out to signal that I am going to take her. Works every time.
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  • I just get up and take the baby back before he even gets in a tizzy. Why not do that?
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    I usually tell them how to try to calm her...shoulder, lap, sitting, standing, burping. I only take her back if all they do is try to shove her paci in her mouth when she obviously wants nothing to do with it.
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  • Depends whose holding him. I have an aunt who is an PICU nurse and she has that magic touch when he's super fussy. You know when his tummy is full, has a fresh diaper, etc but he just can't stop fussing. She can have him happy in a minute and it makes everyone better. We also have a family friend with that touch. She chalks it up to having numerous kids and grand kids. Those people I just take a step back and see what they do and try to learn. I'm his mom but I'm not above taking advice if it makes him feel better. But anyone else and my hubby and I just scoop him right back up if we can see a full melt down coming.
  • Yep, I get physically uncomfortable when he's crying and not with me.  If he's fussing, sure, go ahead and walk him around, but I know when he's upset and will only want me and exactly what to do in those situations, so please, just give me back my baby.
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    That's when I just walk up to whoever has her, say, "she might want to eat," and hold my hands out to signal that I am going to take her. Works every time.

    This is what I do and it seems to work.  I will do this the second he starts to show signs of getting fussy.

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  • I'd say its a FTM thing, not that I like to hear my baby cry, but I have 2 other kids who need me and I can't always drop everything for my crying baby, no matter how much it may break my heart to hear. I appreciate someone trying to calm him if I can't.
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    ftm here. i feel the same way. people try and help calm him down but im the one who knows him best and what he wants and what will calm him down. i appreciate the try but it is usually faster and easier if i do it myself.

    STM here and i do this. Although i dont get too forceful about ppl giving him back to me, so end up standing there watching and waiting patiently. I secretly get happy when he immediaty calms down after me taking him
  • Every time we have gone out to eat in a family group, LO starts to fuss. Usually because he woke from his nap. While I appreciate my family members wanting to help, and let us eat a meal with 2 hands, I can't enjoy it when my baby is crying. Please just let me have him back. I have mastered the art of eating one handed anyways. So I've figured out I shovel a few bites in, say that I'm stuffed and need a box, then just continue to pick at my food inconspicuously while holding LO.
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