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The in laws

My in laws are not bad people. However, they expect my husband to do EVERYTHING for them. They have 3 other grown children who are more than capable of doing things for them but they never ask them to. They just assume that my husband should and will drop anything and reschedule his life for them. I suppose it's not entirely their fault because he does. I get that these are his parents but it's just not okay anymore. What about his wife and kid?? More times than I can count have our plans been disrupted because of them. If it's an emergency situation, then that is absolutely understandable but most of the time it isn't. My FIL almost guilts him into doing things for them.
Today is our son's four month appt and my husband wanted to come because he missed the last one. So of course my FIL calls because he needs something and of course instead of saying he couldn't do it today, my husband is now not coming to the appt. I'm kind of annoyed that we are the ones that have gotten put aside today.... again.
I know it's hard for him and he is often stuck between a rock and a hard place but I am stuck there too. I don't know how to approach the topic without making him feel badly.

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