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~~~3T Weekly Check-In!~~~

First, shout out and big THANK YOU to GermanGirl for the refresher post yesterday! Welcome to all the new ladies.

Congrats to all the BFPs and ((hugs)) to those that need them!

If you're finally getting your BFP, please PM me so I don't miss it! Also, this helps me avoid posting an ambiguous BFP if you're not ready to officially call it.

Reply to this post if you would like your information updated.  Please post an update at least monthly so I know you are still active - even if your info hasn't changed. You will be removed if you go more than 4 weeks without posting.

If you would like to be added or updated, please answer the questions below:

1.What is your name (if you want to share)?
2.When did you start TTC (month/year)?
3.What is your diagnosis (if you have one)?
4.What treatments are you doing?

For everyone who is up to date on the above, where are you in your current cycle and how's it going?

QOTW: Thanks to Tigger - What was your first date with your husband?

If your name is in italics below, heads up - we need an update or you're getting deleted! Thanks!

 February 2013 BFPs

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March 2013 BFPs











April 2013 BFPs

May 2013 BFPs






June 2013 BFPs





July 2013 BFPs








**apietro1020 / Ashley - TTC #2 since 6/2011

treatment: started metformin

**chickinNH / Collen - TTC since 6/2012

treatment: 150 mg Clomid + TI

**FutureMrsW9 / Katie - TTC since 5/2012

treatment: IVF in August

**JennyS86 / Jenny - TTC since 2/2012

treatment: 100mg Clomid + trigger + TI

**KLN1179 - TTC since 5/2010

treatment: Femara + TI

**madasm0530 / Madas - TTC since 1/2012

treatment: on provera - RE consult for new plan

**mmb248 / Melissa - TTC since 8/2011

treatment: waiting for CD1 for HSG; expect to do Clomid + IUI

**RachC624 / Rachel - TTC since 6/2012

treatment: Femara + trigger + IUI#2

**sunlavender - TTC since 6/2012

treatment: natural IUI cycle - 2WW


**BabyDustWish - TTC since 2/2011

treatment: on break

**BlueJoan / Erin - TTC since 10/2011

treatment: on hold until Aug; trying on own

**Cindal - TTC since 3/2012

treatment: trying on own until repeat SA

**ekc0630 / Erin - TTC since 1/2007

treatment: IVF#1

**Jessieann1020 / Jessie - TTC since 6/2008

treatment: 100mg clomid + IUI#1

**jforsythia - TTC since 6/2012

treatment: 50 mg Clomid + trigger + IUI#1

**Katekat8721 / Kate - TTC since 6/2011

treatment: H on Clomid - injects cycles until IVF in Oct.

**ky29 / Kylie - TTC since 3/2012

treatment: TI until RE appt 8/28

**monimu13 / Monica - TTC since 7/2011

treatment: IVF#1 in Aug

**rrdiva1 / Diva - TTC since 8/2011

treatment: Final IVF try in July

**STBMrsMiller / Kimberly - TTC since 6/2012

testing; low initial counts for DH; Clomid challenge

**TLooney17 / Tiffany - TTC since 1/2013

treatment: trying on own

Combination / Other

**1983lindsey / Lindsey - TTC since 8/2012

dx: MFI + Anovulatory

**Akiesha - TTC since 10/2011

dx: MFI + Hypothyroidism

treatment: Clomid + trigger + IUI#3

**Andrea2380 / Andrea - TTC since 12/2011

dx: MTHFR, PCOS, endo

treatment: IUI#1 with injects

**brenrn1 / Brenda - TTC since 9/2011

dx: DOR and MFI

treatment: IUI while waiting for IVF counseling

**clguerra88 - TTC since 8/2010

dx: Blocked tube + MFI

treatment: 100 mg Clomid + Trigger + IUI + progesterone

**ErinSays / Erin - TTC since 6/2011

dx: PCOS and Low T for DH

treatment: injects + trigger + progesterone

**IntuitiveBlue - TTC since 11/2011

dx: Non-Classical Congential Adrenal Hyperplasia

treatment: Trying on own until August

**jjdale288 / Jenny - TTC since 10/2011

dx: endometrial hyperplasia with atypia &MFI

treatment: megace, then endo biopsy; H to repeat SA

**jschwind22 / Jodi - TTC sincce 2/2011

dx: MFI and high NK cells

treatment: on BCP - FET in August

**Karamel_bp / Brittany - TTC since 3/2011

dx: PCOS & MFI

treatment: benched for more testing with RE

**katib77 - TTC since 7/2009

dx: MFI & LPD

treatment: testing/prepping for IVF in the fall

**KTdid81 - TTC since 12/2011

dx: irregular cycle and MFI (low morph)

treatment: IUI#3

**Milagros315 - TTC since 8/2012

dx: borderline MFI & likely Endo

treatment: weighing treatment options

**mrsrichey11 / Heather - TTC since 5/2011

dx: Endometriosis & PCOS

treatment: Femara + trigger + TI

**Natekate / Katy - TTC since 8/2011

dx: PCOS and hypothyroidism

treatment: Injects

**NJHopeful - TTC since 3/2012

dx: ovulation dysfunction, low hormone levels, MFI

treatment: IUI#1 in July

**pvf08 - TTC since 8/2011

dx: Weak O, slightly low AMH + borderline MFI

treatment: benched due to over response

**Rachnan / Rachel - TTC since 6/2011

dx: low progesterone/weak ovulation + hostile CM

treatment: Clomid + trigger + IUI

**RunCC37 / CiCi - TTC since 3/2012

dx: unexplained and arcuate uterus

treatment: 100 mg Clomid + Trigger + IUI #3

**Say1009 - TTC since 3/2012

dx: Anovulatory

treatment: Femara 10mg + Trigger + IUI#4

**sueann911 - TTC since 9/2011

dx: Stage II endo & paratubal cyst

treatment: injects + IUI#2

**talon1226 / Beth - TTC since 8/2011

dx: PCOS & Mild hypothyroidism & MFI

treatment: Staring BCP in July for IVF in Sept

**tigger99 - TTC since 5/2011

dx: MFI & annovulation

treatment: on to IVF

**ttuprincess / Kristina - TTC since 11/2011

dx: PCOS, endo, possible LPD

treatment: break then 50 mg Clomid + 1500 mg Metformin + TI

**twistsandturnsto2 / Sara - TTC since 2/2011

dx: Blocked tubes

treatment: FET  #2 as soon as AF shows

**Wolfette139 - TTC since 11/2011

dx: unicornate uterus

treatment: finally had endo biopsy!


**************************************SIGGY WARNING*********************************************

DH 34, Me: 34, TTC #1 since Nov. 2011 | DX: adrenal hyperplasia, prescribed prednisone
HSG = all clear; All tests normal except high DHEA-s and borderline SA
28 months of TTC; seven medicated cycles; two IUI's, including....
January/February = Follistim + trigger + IUI 2.3 rollercoaster insanity = BFP!!
3/10/2014 - Beta #1 - 403! P4 >40
3/13/2014 - Beta #2 - 1288!  P4 >40
3/20/2014 - First U/S - TWINS!!!!!
5/19/2014 - MaterniT21 results - all negative and at least one baby BOY!
6/3/2014 - WE ARE TEAM PURPLE!!!!
10/26/2014 - Elsa and James born at over 6 pounds each!  We are so in love.

My Ovulation Chart | My Infrequently Updated Blog

"No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing,
the dream that you wish will come true." - Cinderella


Re: ~~~3T Weekly Check-In!~~~

  • We are cruising along with IVF #1.  I have my calendar review and injects training tomorrow and start Lupron wednesday.  Also my last BCP is next Sunday, which I'm hoping ends the spotting I've had for the last week.

    QOTW:  Our first date was dinner and to a bar to watch a comedian/concert.  It was with a big group of people.




    TTC #1 since August 2011

    My Blog

    September 2012: Start IF testing

    DH (32): SA is ok, slightly low morph, normal SCSA  Me (32): Slightly low progesterone, hostile CM, carrier for CF, Moderately high NKC, High TNFa, heterozyogous mutated Factor XIII, and +APA

    October 2012-May 2014: 4 failed IUIs, 3 failed IVFs, and 1 failed FETw/donor embryos

    November 2014: IVF w/ICSI #4 Agonist/Antagonist with EPP and Prednisone, Baby Aspirin, Lovenox, and IVIG for immune issues.  Converted to freeze all due to lining issues.  2 blasts frozen on day 6!

    January 2015: FET

    PAIF/SAIF Welcome!

  • Hi there! IUI5 didn't work out, go on Wednesday to get a plan together for iVF and find out how much that will cost. Not much else happening.

    Qotw what was your first date with your husband?
    Started TTC #1-5/2011 she arrived 9/15/14 I am 37 and hubs is 38
    Oct 2013 IVF#1 BFN, 1 blast on ice Dec 2013 FET - Dec 20th transferred 4AB blast - BFP!
    Beta #1 = 230 Beta #2 = 478 

    Baby Penguin born 9/15/14 via csection - we are so in love
     Bloggity blog
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  • I'd love for you to add me :)

    Name: Jenni

    TTC since: Aug 2012

    DX: MFI, low morph

    Going through my end of the diagnostic testing this month, and then creating a plan:)  Had my CD3 today, HSG Friday, and so on and so forth...

    So glad to have so many supportive ladies to talk to! Thank you!


    ETA: First date was at a bar.  So unoriginal lol. 

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  • Nothing really new to report.  I tested too early, got a BFN and temp has slightly dropped.  Not enough to signal AF but enough to make me nervous.  I can't wait to get our SA results and finally get a plan.

     We did the typical dinner date for our first but we traveled between places for each course.  We finished the night at a comedy club.  I apparently passed the sense of humor test.  I have never laughed so hard!

    *********Siggy Warning/Loss Mentioned*********

    DH: 34 Me: 35 Married: 09-05-08 
    Off BC: Feb 2009  Started TTC #1: Oct 2011 Started BBT: July 2012 

          Me: Blood work good, HSG all clear. Synthroid for TTC
    DH: Dx. MFI- Varicocele Surgery (count/motility better, morph low and small heads)

    Cycle # 25 -  TI cycle, Trigger, Crinone = BFN
     Cycle # 26 -  50mg Clomid, TI, Trigger, Estrace =BFN
    Cycle #37 -  2.5mg Femara, IUI, 1.5 million post wash, Trigger, Crinone = BFN
                      Cycle #39 -  IVF#1 - Long Lupron Protocol-Gonal F-Menopur-Cetrotide=10R,7M,5F Transferred 2 fair/poor.
    Beta 10/2 - BFP - EDD 6/11/14, MMC at 8w1d. D&C on 11/5/14

                                                       ~All are welcome~


  • Today is CD 33 and this cycle has resulted in another BFN. I started spotting a few days ago and I'm fully expecting AF any minute now. So, yeah.

    We'll be going to the doctor this week in order to discuss the next step. He said (at our last appointment) that we'll probably be giving fertility shots a try, but DH and I have decided that we're not quite ready for that. And that means that we're officially on a break.

    And this is a much needed break. Not only do we need to step back and explore all options (we're considering adoption at this point), but we'll also be trying to meet a couple of personal goals during this time off.

    QOTW: DH and I were both 15 years old when we started dating. Since we weren't old enough to drive, we usually would just hang out at home and watch movies. Not sure how many of these movies we actually saw though. I seem to remember that there was a lot of kissing involved. ;)

    Mr. & Mrs. - Est. 10.03.2009

    TTC #1 since 06.2011 Me-24 DH-24

    12.2011 SA = Normal

    06.2012 First visit with OB/GYN

    10.2012 Clomid 50mg + TI = BFN

    11.2012 Clomid 50mg + TI = BFN

    12.2012 Clomid 100mg + TI = BFN

    01.2013 First visit with RE

    02.2013 Clomid 150mg + TI = BFN

    03.2013 Femara 5mg + TI = BFN

    05.2013 Femara 5mg + TI = BFN

    06.2013 Femara 7.5mg + TI = BFN

    *Taking a break*  

  • I'm on CD2, and this cycle we're moving on to IUI. I'm happy to move on, but am a little concerned about doing another Clomid cycle - my response has never been good, but my RE wants one more try before going to injects. 

    My first date with my husband was at the convention where we met. We had dinner at Bar Louie, then he had meetings for 3 hours. We met back up and ended up staying up talking until 6am. Not totally romantic, but we made up for it after the convention!

    Me (34) & DH (45) - NTNP since June 2011
    RE: 12/1/12 - Me: PCOS; DH: Low T
    2/13: DH's T went from 190 to 777!
    Cycle 1 1/25/13: Clomid 100mg + Trigger + TI + Progesterone = Ectopic pregnancy
    3/7/13: MTX injections put me on the bench.
    Cycle 2 6/7/13: Clomid 100mg CD3-7 = No response
    Cycle 2.1 Clomid 150mg CD 19-23 + Trigger + TI + Progesterone = BFN
    Cycle 3 7/21/13: Clomid 150mg + Trigger + IUI #1 + Progesterone = BFN
    Cycle 4 8/25/13: Bravelle 75-112iu + Trigger + IUI #2 + Progesterone = BFN
    Cycle 5 9/23/13: Bravelle 75-225iu + Trigger + IUI #3 + Progesterone = BFFN
    Onto IVF - starting injects on Christmas Day

  • Congrats to all the BFPs and HUGs to all who need them!!!!! I am 10dpIUI 4. I started cramping today so I'm not sure what that means. Sometimes I start cramping a few days before AF, so I'm not feelin optimistic at this point. Ugh!! I so wanted this to be it!! I am getting closer and closer to being financially infertile. IF sucks!!
    QOTW: first date is debatable. I think I was going the see The Villiage in theaters and then we went to eat a Taco Bell. He took me out after work in high school.
    Anniversary Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic
    3TC March Siggy Challenge: Funny Internet Meme Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Age: Me 26, DH 27, Married Oct. 10, 2009 ,TTC since March 2012
    Problem: Irregular menstruation, unexplained
    Nov&Dec-Provera because of no period after 35+ days
    First RE appt 1/10/2013
    Tests: TSH (normal), Prolactin (normal), SA (abnormal)
    Hysteroscopy (normal) and PCOS labs (negative/normal) 1/15/2013
    2/1/13- HPT BFP but Beta Hcg was negative
    Plan: Femara + Trigger + IUI in April if no real BFP before then Bloggy Blog!
  • Looks like our natural IUI was a bust.  I expect my period in the next day or two. We'll be moving on to a Clomid+trigger+IUI cycle.  I'll call on CD1 to get things rolling.

    QOTW:  Can't say we had a first date.  We were friends for 10+ years.  Then, one day, we were together.   


    Trying to get knocked up since June 2012 ~ Dx: PCOS

    BFP 7.24.13 ~ EDD 4.2.14 ~ m/c  9.16.13 @ 11w4d

    BFP 5.4.14 ~ EDD 1.12.15 ~ stick little bean!

    TTGP 2013 Best Blog ~ Fruit ~ My BFP Chart 

  • BFN on Friday, temp drop and spotting today, cd 1 will start tomorrow. Just scheduled a baseline ultrasound for Thursday. On to IUI #2. 

    QOTW: Our first date was at a house party. 

    ^^^^^^ warning^^^^^^^^^
    Me: 30, DH: 34.
    TTC since 2/2012 
    3/2013 polyp removed 
    Unexplained IF, endo has not been ruled out
    7/2013 5 mg femera, 3 mature follicles, trigger IUI = BFN
    9/2013 5 mg femera, 4 mature follicles, trigger IUI = BFN
    10/13   5 mg femera, 3 mature follicles, HCG   IUI = BFN
    IVF # 1 w/ ICSI-Antagonist protocol.  11 days of stims (225 Follistim, 150 menopur). Acupuncture. 23 R 12 Fertilized. Day 3 transfer (3/8/14) of 1, 8 cell grade II embryo. 1 5AA frostie. 
    3/19 beta = 98, 3/21 beta = 198, 4/9 ultrasound - heart beat found, right on track
    EDD 11/26/14
    Team green


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  • Hi all, hope everyone had a nice weekend!

    Currently waiting for the official results of my endo biopsy.  Saw the pathology report on my portal, but it didn't have much info.  It did say the sample tested negative for plasma cells which seems to be a good thing.  I'll update after I get the call from the RE.

    For the first time since March I may have ovulated on my own.  My chart is a little jacked due to not temping during vacation and insomnia Saturday night, but if I input usual pre-O temps for the missing days I get dotted CHs for CD15.  There was huge drop today so my confidence is shaken a bit.  We'll see what tomorrow brings.

    QOTW:  DH and I met during a long weekend trip with mutual friends to an anime convention (yes, we are huge nerds) and started dating on the last day.  We walked around holding hands and making googly eyes at each other.  We have been back to that con every year except the last two due to lack of vacation time.

    ETA Update: Pathology came back clear, I start Clomid next cycle. 

    ************SIGGY/TICKER WARNING***************

    TTC #1 since Nov 2011 DX: Unicornuate Uterus and lean PCOS
    BFP #1 3/15/2012 ~ EDD 11/20/2012 ~ C/P 4 weeks 5 days   
    IVF #1: ER 3/3  10R 4M 4F - CCS testing shows all 4 are normal!
    FET #1: ET 4/28 = BFP!!  EDD January 13, 2015
    Emergency cerclage placed at 22w1d
    ~~*Everyone Welcome*~~
    Unicorn badge courtesy of the talented CLECyclist
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  • Af arrived and because I have shorter cycles, or at least I did before CP, I should be gearing up to O. DH and I talked about revisiting the no meds in a few months if no success so still just HIO and hoping for the best. Hopefully I will O soon and then I can relax or at least relax as much as one is able in the 2WW.


    DH and I met thru online site and our first date was at a little pizza place and segued into coffee. We got engaged at the same little place on our 1 year anniversary of dating. Haven't been lately so we should go back soon.

    image         image

    My Ovulation Chart
    **All AL Welcome**
    TTC since July 2012 Me(42): normal HSG low progesterone 2.5 and TSH 13.9 DH(41): normal SA
    • 10 cycles no meds, July 2012 -March 2013: BFN
    • Cycle 11 - Chlomid and IUI April 6, 2013 BFN
    • Cycle 12 Chlomid but canceled IUI so only TI BFN
    • Cycle 13 - On break from meds - suprise BFP - ended in CP June 11, 2013
    • Cycle 14 - TTA BFN
    • Cycle 15 - 17 - Break from meds and doctor, trying on own BFN
    • Cycle 18 Chlomid and TI BFN
    • Cycle 19 BFN ...  onto Cycle 20
    • .........
    • Cycle I have no fricken clue anymore but still BFN
  • I had my CD 13 scan yesterday, and had 3 follicles around 10mm.  I will be going back on wed for another scan and I hope all 3 will have grown and that I will be able to do an IUI will 2-3 follicles.  Last time during this period in the cycle, I had 1-14mm and 3-10mm, and 3 days later only 1 grew to be 20mm and the ones at 10mm just stayed there.  HOPING that this time all 3 will keep growing.  

    Good luck to everyone!!! 

    ~~All Are Welcome~~
    Me(30)- Anovulatory  (b/c pituitary gland not making enough FSH/LH), hypothyroidism (on synthroid), ruptured appendix w/major surgery, 2nd even more major surgery 1 month later for infection (Most likely scarred and not functional right tube/ovary), HSG showed both tubes open, Crohn's Disease (in remission 6 years)
    Husband (31)- Low Morphology (2%)- all other numbers ok
    "It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light"  
    Medicated cycles with RE: Cycles 1-2-  Clomid/trigger = BFN  Cycles 3-5 Clomid/Bravelle/Trigger/IUI #1, #2 & #3 =CP, BFN, BFN, Cycle 6- Follitism/trigger/IUI #4= BFP!!!  Perfect son born 9/4/14
  • Hi all.  Sorry for being a bit absent lately - I've been having a tougher time with IF as our four break cycles are coming to an end and it looks like we'll be headed back to the RE.  And by an end, I mean I still have 22-25 days left in this cycle but I'm not feeling optimistic.

    I'm due to O sometime next week, so we'll start the constant sex on Friday. I'm so over being scheduled - after I O'd last month, we didn't do it again for three and a half weeks.  And we were that couple who couldn't get enough of it before we started trying to get pregnant!

    I'm doing Pregnitude this month (only missed one dose so far!) and drinking some spearmint tea whenever I feel like it. I'll skip caffeine all together starting Friday (CD 15) until AF arrives.  Next cycle will be Follistim + trigger + IUI 2.2.

    On the upside, I'm down about 3 pounds and about 1/2 - 1 full size. But I've been busting it in the gym (I forgot how much lunges hurt at first!). 

    QOTW: We met at a house party, and after DH had facebook stalked me for two months, we had our first date at a sushi place that we still go to on special occasions (and for no reason too). We got engaged there six months and 1 week after our first date. (I told him that he wasn't allowed to propose until we had been together for at least six months.)  That was on the day William and Kate got married. Guess that's also bothering me today. 

    **************************************SIGGY WARNING*********************************************

    DH 34, Me: 34, TTC #1 since Nov. 2011 | DX: adrenal hyperplasia, prescribed prednisone
    HSG = all clear; All tests normal except high DHEA-s and borderline SA
    28 months of TTC; seven medicated cycles; two IUI's, including....
    January/February = Follistim + trigger + IUI 2.3 rollercoaster insanity = BFP!!
    3/10/2014 - Beta #1 - 403! P4 >40
    3/13/2014 - Beta #2 - 1288!  P4 >40
    3/20/2014 - First U/S - TWINS!!!!!
    5/19/2014 - MaterniT21 results - all negative and at least one baby BOY!
    6/3/2014 - WE ARE TEAM PURPLE!!!!
    10/26/2014 - Elsa and James born at over 6 pounds each!  We are so in love.

    My Ovulation Chart | My Infrequently Updated Blog

    "No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing,
    the dream that you wish will come true." - Cinderella

  • I am new here....I am active on TTGP, but I would also like to be able to participate here :)

    I'm Honey and my husband and I have been TTC since 8/2012 - we really winged it until December, then I started charting and all that fun stuff!

    Our official Dx is MFI, but we have decided against further testing for me (I just had BW) because we are OOP and we are going to continue to try on our own and     re-evaluate in December.

    Our first date involved walking around town - we were in 8th grade and that's what 8th graders do! 

    My Babies!
    Tried for one full year before we got our BFP!

    What I want is what I've not got, but what I need is all around me -DMB

    BFP: 11/30/2013 EDD: 8/14/2014

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  • For everyone who is up to date on the above, where are you in your current cycle and how's it going?
    We are on IUI #6  I have one more night of shots, trigger tomorrow night and IUI on Thursday.  So far # of follicles looks good and lining is okay.  We'll see how this one goes.  It will be our last IUI.  Then we will be on a break for 6-7 months.  

    QOTW: Thanks to Tigger - What was your first date with your husband?
    Dinner, drinks, and a romantic walk!  We knew right away we were meant for each other! 
    Me 36, Married TTC Since 2009
    HSG = blocked tubes in March 2011
    (Would have started work up sooner but husband deployed in 2010)
    Tubes unblocked successfully in June 2011
    TTC naturally no success (Husband deployed again in2011
    Clomid IUI 3 rounds- Dec 2012, Jan. 2013, Feb. 2013 Failed
    IUI # 4 Follistim/Ganirelix/Ovidrel/Progesterone Supp.- April 2013-Failed
    IUI # 5 Follistim/Ganirelix/Ovidrel/Progesterone Supp - June 2013-Failed
    IUI # 6 Follistim/Ganirelix/Ovidrel/Progesterone Supp - June 2013-Failed
    On a break while husband is deployed.  Will try to do more testing and prepare for IVF
    strength quotes photo: strength strength.jpg
  • Just chugging along. 7dpiui natural cycle. May or may not do an inject cycle next month, depends if it interferes with our vacation and if I've lost more weight or not. I'm trying to lost the past year's worth of fertility med and depression weight, lol. Until then, we do natural IUIs since I have coverage and I feel like I'm doing something. Hubbys doing well on the clomid and I'm waiting to see how my period is this month to judge how well the lap helped my endo. Hopefully I won't get it though, we'll see :

    We went out for pizza... my favorite!!

    Good luck to all xo

  • Hi Ladies!  On BCP here for another week and a half.  Then will be back to injects and IUI # 3.  The failure of IUI # 2 hit me much harder than I expected and I will be going to an IF support group tonight that my RE offers.

    QOTW:  DH and I went bowling and for ice cream.  We are not bowling people, we have probably been a handful of times since then (12 years ago!) so I'm not sure why we picked that activity but it was fun :)


                    image  image image
                      image image

    TTC #1 since November 2011
    Dx: Unexplained Infertility, probable endometriosis
    Feb-April 2013: Femara + TI: BFN
    May - September 2013:  Follistim + Ovidrel + IUI#1-4 = BFN
    IVF # 1 November 2013: transferred 1 perfect blast = BFN
    IVF # 2 April 2014: Endo scrape, transferred 2 blasts = BFP!! (first ever!), CP
    FET #1 June 2014: transferred 2 blasts = BFFN
    New Dx: Repeat Implantation Failure
     IVF # 3 November 2014 = BFP!!  Beta #1 9dp5t 272  Beta # 2 11dp5dt 626
    First US 12/3: 2 gestational sacs!
    *everyone welcome*
  • When did you start TTC (month/year)?  September 2011 What is your diagnosis (if you have one)?  Me:  PCOS (2003);  DH:  MFI due to Low T (2012) What treatments are you doing?  Current plan is to start first IUI cycle in August with Clomid, FSH, and trigger.  DH is on 3x weekly HCG shots.   Injection class is the beginning of August.  It will be interesting to see how it differs from the class that we took for DH's shots.  First date:  We met on line and our first date wasn't until about two months later.  If I remember correctly, we planned to have lunch downtown and then spend an hour or two in the museums.  Turns out that the date lasted until 10 pm and it finally ended since we both had to go to work the next day.  DH said that we would either get sick of each other within a few weeks or end up married (9 years ago).
    Dream Vacation: Return to Bermuda
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Married 10/06; TTC #1 since 09/11
    Me: PCOS (dx 2003) DH: MFI due to low T (dx 2012)
    Status: Waiting on new meds to hopefully improve SA results before moving on to IUI or IVF. Next test: July 2013.
  • Hi Everybody

    Congrats to the new BFP's and hugs to anyone that needs them!

    I'm sorry that I haven't been participating much lately.  I've been working hard on pulling myself together emotionally. :-/

    We are basically benched right now. In the meantime, I am planning to lose a bit of weight and also to concentrate on our finances.  We are researching our treatment options and have ruled out surrogacy...  I am leaning toward IVF because it can tell me if our problem is an egg quality issue.

     Edit:  Forgot to add our first date!

    We went to a buffet lunch place.  My husband is a skinny guy, but he brought 8 plates of food to the table out of sheer nervousness!

    RUMBERA: 35+ Current DX: Recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL)
    DH: 40+  Diabetic, SA excellent.

    03/2012: Diagnosis: Low progesterone. Prometrium added,
    11/2012: MRI: 3 fibroids.  Myomectomy not recommended.
    01/2013: Blood work normal. HSG: All clear.
    03/2013: Diagnosis: "Unexplained Infertility"
    05/2013: Hysteroscopy & D&C.  Biopsy: "early polyp formation."
    05/2013: Bravelle + Menopur injections.
    05/25/13  IUI w/4 follies: BFN. 
    06/21/13  IUI#2 w/2 follies: BFP.
    08/20/13  MC #5 @ 9 weeks.  D&E performed, Chromosomes:perfectly normal female.  Fibroid the culprit.
    10/09/13  Robotic myomectomy - successful removal of 10cm posterior fibroid!
    10/10/13  BENCHED for post surgical healing of ute.   Getting healthy for Dec IUI.
    12/06/13  Bravelle + Menopur + Ganirelix + Ovidrel + IUI  + >3 follies =  cp
    01/06/14  Another IUI round with injects for super-O.
    01/17/14  Bravelle + Menopure + Ganirelix + Ovidrel + 3 follies = BFN
    01/30/14  Self-benched to get healthy for IVF
    03/04/14  Screwed over by insurance.   No IVF coverage.
    03/12/14  Hail Mary B2B IUI's with 2 follies=BFFN
    3/25/14  IVF is the next step.  We are exploring doing it overseas in 2015.

    ~~~~~~~~  EVERYONE IS WELCOME  ~~~~~~~~

  • I haven't checked-in in awhile, but not much to report.  We've been TTC for 2 years, since July 2011.  Had two IUIs this Spring, but both were BFN.  Took June and July off from IUIs due to travel schedules.  Waiting for AF to start in a few weeks so that we can begin IUI #3.

    My first date with my husband was to a local smoothie place - I don't drink coffee, so this was the next best thing for a low-key first date!

    TTC since July 2011
    Me(33): normal HSG; diagnosed with mild PCOS

    DH(35): normal SA
    *6 cycles no meds, July-Dec. 2011, all BFN
    *Clomid for 3 cycles, Jan-March 2011: BFP March 2011
    *MC at 6 weeks

    *2 cycles off
    *Started TTC again July 2012 with Clomid, 6 cycles from July-Dec. 2012, all BFN
    *1 cycle no meds: BFN
    *1 cycle Femara: BFN
    *1st RE visit March 2013 - first IUI in April 2013 with Femara, Menopur, and Novarel (BFN); second IUI in May 2013, same protocol (BFN); two cycle break;  third IUI in August 2013, same protocol (BFN)

    *1st IVF cycle, October 2013 (Synarel, Menopur (75 iu), and Gonal-F (150 iu)) -- BFP!!  Saw two babies at our 5wk5d u/s on Oct. 28th!  EDD=June 25, 2014

  • Cycle day 4. Trying on our own before our repeat SA next month. It will be 3 months since Dh starts taking Fertility Blend, so we are hoping to see improvement. 

    QOTW: Thanks to Tigger - What was your first date with your husband?  We went to Outback Steakhouse, and then we saw The Grudge. We both hate scary movies, but we each thought the other wanted to see it. I kicked him under the table during dinner, because he was watching basketball on a tv behind me while I was talking. Lol.


    TTC #1 January 2009
    January 2010 SA results: Count 16 million, Motility 40%, Morphology 2%
    January 2010- Surprise BFP! DS born 10/1/2010 :)
    January 2013 TTC #2
    September 2013 Repeat SA: Count= 1.7 million, Motility= 24%, Morphology= 2%
    November 6th 1st Appointment with RE: diagnosed with severe MFI
    Testing to try to determine a cause & possible treatment for MFI
    CD 3 blood work for me. RE does not want to repeat my HSG/lap at this point,
    but may want to before moving forward with any fertility treatments.
    After seeing the uro, DH is currently taking lots of supplements and clomid to try to boost his count. We will have a repeat SA in February to see if it works.
    Follow up SA numbers are: Count= 4 million, Motility= 40%, Morphology= 1%
    Uro wants us to have another follow up SA 5/9 to see if we see further improvement than we are back to the RE to make a game plan.

    SA 5/9/2014 Count: 12 Million, Motility: 60%, and Morphology 2%. We will be doing iui #1 in late June

    IUI #1 6/28 clomid + ovidrel, post wash count 3 million total sperm= BFN

    IUI # 2 7/21 clomid+ ovidrel. post wash count 900,000 total sperm= BFN

    IVF planned for early November- cancelled due to cyst

    December IVF #1- 22 eggs, 20 mature,16 fertilized

    12/9 Transferred 1 4AA Blast, 6 frosties

    *****Everyone is welcome******

  • IUI 2 was not successful. We are looking into adoption agencies while we TTC on our own. 100 OOP and 2 IUIs wiped us out for a little while.
  • 1.What is your name (if you want to share)? Poppy

    2.When did you start TTC (month/year)? July2010
    3.What is your diagnosis (if you have one)? unexplained :(
    4.What treatments are you doing? 

    This Cycle I am on 100mg Clomid.. + trig+ preg

    Thursday is my midcycle U/S to see how the follicles are growing...

    QOTW: Thanks to Tigger - What was your first date with your husband?- dancing in the park... :)

    Me:38 DH:40 TTC for over 3 yrs~
    Every test known to man- comes out that we are both perfectly capable of conceiving- 

    Officially diagnosed with "unexplained infertility"

    7/17/13-1st try with 100mg Clomid+Novarel+Prog.
    7/25/13 Mid-cycle U/S- 4 Follicles! 17, 16,L 16,15 R
    7/25/13 Trigger shot
    8/6/13 Beta Blood Drawn... Big fat Neg. 
    New RE:- 101 tests done during break cycle.. All look great! green light to hit the deck running!
    9/18/13- Cd 1- FINALLY! 100 mg clomid CD3-7- 75iu Bravelle 7-10   
    9/30/13 Follie count.. 3 on right. 2 on left-- trigger today
    10/2/13- IUI #1
    10/15/13 Beta #1- BFN.. :(


  • Hi, ladies. Today is CD 1 so we are finally done with our break cycle and moving on to 50 mg clomid + 1500mg metformin + TI. Another endo biopsy scheduled at the end to see if we are making any progress on getting the LPD under control. 

     QOTW: we met in law school and were in the same study group. We didn't really have an official first date. We just looked up one day and were spending all of our time together and decided we would make it official.  

    **************SIGGY WARNING**************


    Me 32 :: DH 40

     TTC since November, 2011

    DH's SA : Excellent

    Lap and Hysteroscopy June 2012

    DX: PCOS, Stage III Endo, slight Adenomyosis, blocked tube, and probable LPD

    Treatments:  6 Months Lupron Depot injections; 1500 mg metformin; 3 cycles of Clomid + TI = BFN

    3 endometrial biopsies all were "out of phase" 

    September - December, 2013:  Break to lose weight and get healthy

    40 lb weight loss but still not ovulating "in phase"  

    February - March 2014: bcps + follistim + trigger + TI = BFP

     Beta #1 (12dpo): 30; Beta #2 (18dpo): 500; Beta #3 (25dpo): 7,000!!! 

    1st u/s 4/16: One beautiful hb at 144 bmp 

    2nd u/s 4/29: hb at 166 bmp.  Graduated from RE!!


    EDD: November 29, 2014


    BabyFruit Ticker


  • Hey ladies! I am in 2ww beta Fri at 9am on my 4th ivf....

    Our first date was at red robbin  and went to see wild wild west with Will smith

    Married BF 6/29/2002/
    TTC Since Aug 2011/
    ME:34 all clear/DH:41 DX Severe MFI/
    IVF w/ICSI OCT 2012 Stims started 10/8/ER 10/19/12/ET 10/24/Beta#1 11/2=BFN (beta was 1.2)

    IVF 2.0-Baseline 11/7/12 beta 0/All Clear
    Stim start 11/7/12//ER 11/19 11M//10F
    ET 2 embies 11/24//Beta#1 28 Beta #2 23 Beta#3 29
    stop meds Beta#4 37/C/P 5W5D EDD:8/12/13/IVF#3 in Jan

    Ivf 3-frozen 3 poor 3day/fet=bfn

    Ivf#4 New dr. New protocol=beta1 197 beta#2 677 beta#3 1557
     u/s 8/13 =TWINS 2 strong hb
    Due Date 4/4/14


    My Chart//>


  • Hello everyone, I am in the dreaded 2ww of iui #3. I am 12dpiui and no sign of AF yet. I have been having a lot of symptoms like nausea, heartburn(which I never get), and headaches to name a few. I don't know if the mean anything or not. Like a fool I tested way too early, 10, 11, and 12 dpiui BFN. The first 2 cycles I had spotting by day 8 and AF by day 10 so I am hoping for the best but expecting the worst. We shall see!!

    QOTW: Wow that was along time ago, 1996 we went to the movies! It was a crappy movie I think it was Birdcage.

    My Ovulation Chart
    TTC since 0ct. 2011
    Dx:Hypothyroidism 2008
    HSG- All clear CD 3 bloodwork normal
    SA- Abnormal Dx:MFI
    DH on 50mg Clomid 3x week
    BFP#1- 1/21/13 CP 1/24/13
    Cycle 18,19 & 20 50mg Clomid+trigger+IUI= All BFFN
    Cycle 21-25 Taking a break for now, still HIO Hoping!
    Moving onto IVF Next AF
    (PAIF/SAIF Welcome)
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  • Hi! I'm Sam, TTC since 11/09, Diagnosis: PCOS and endometriosis Treatment: Femara + HCG Trigger + TI

    QOTW: My husband and I went dancing on our first date and he is a TERRIBLE dancer! He really doesn't like to dance but he asked me what I wanted to do and when I said, dance, he danced! lol  

    Me: 34 DH: 37 Married 7/03 TTC since 1/09 Diagnosis: PCOS and Endometriosis 
    Treatment: Femara + HCG + TI = BFN July 2013 
    August and September - Benched
    October: Femara + HCG + TI = BFN
    November: Benched
    Nov - Dec: Femara + HCG + IUI#1 = BFFN
    Feb: Femara + HCG + IUI#2 -BFN
    April: Femara + HCG + IUI #3= BFN
    May: Femara + HCG +IUI#4 -CANCELLED
    On a break until we can raise/save enough money for IVF


    3T Fantasy Football League, Team Name: Cumming Unabated

    My Blog (stalkers welcome)

    December 3T Siggy Challenge: Favorite Christmas Movie: Miracle on 34th Street
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  • I had my saline sono/mock transfer last Wednesday and it went well - no polyps or fibroids.  Now I just have to wait until next Monday to hear what protocol RE wants to do and cost - so we can then plan WHEN to do our IVF cycle.  

    QOTW:  Our first "official" date was a baseball game - Brewers vs Giants Mid July 2007, then dinner at Applebee's, and drinks and pool at a local bar.  **But** We'd met several times and hung out before.  Our first kiss was my 29th birthday six months prior but then he didn't ask for my number or anything.  And then two weeks before our first "official" date, my friends came up for Summerfest when I had free tickets and my BFF (who said DH & I would get married because we were "perfect for each other") asked if he could come.  I still liked him, but didn't know if he liked me.  The night went great and thankfully that "one night stand" ended up the love of my life. LOL.  I was so happy when I called to invite him to the game that he said yes.  Eight months later we moved in together and got engaged.

    TTC since July 2009. Dx MFI & LPD. 
    IUI#1&2&3 (2011 & 2012) BFN
    IUI#4 1/23/13 on 75iu x9 Follistim = BFP then chem preg m/c (Feb 2013)
    IUI#5 BFN (April 2013)
    IVF w/ICSI Oct. 2, 2012 - 13R, 11M, 7F, 1 frozen blast 4BB grade - - - FET Nov 15, 2013
    BFP! Beta 1:104 @ 10dp6dt, Beta 2:178 @ 12dp6dt,  beta 3:366 @ 14dp6dt
    Saw heartbeat twice before missed M/C at 8w3d on 12/27/13, missing my little angel boy
    JUNE 2014 IVF#2;  5R, 2M, 1F Three day transfer 6/7.  Beta 6/18 - BFN
    Child Free Now?

    My Blog


  • Hello there.  I think somehow I fell off this list

    Name:  KB

    diagnosis:  me, pcos/ hypothyroidism/had a tube removed.  Dh, severe mfi

    Next step:  awaiting six month post surgery semen analysis.  If still zero count, extraction surgery in sept and IVF with ICSI in late fall

      Pregnancy Ticker

  • Had my FET on Friday.  I'm currently 3dp5dt (equivalent to 8 DPO for those who don't know the abbreviations). Planning to hold out until beta on 7/29 but I know it will be rough.

    QOTW: We had dinner at an Italian restaurant. 


    TTC Since 8/2010. Me: 33, irregular cycles, late O.  All testing normal. DH: 32. No 24 hour motility. Dx: Unexplained IF.
    8 cycles of TI = 8 BFNS
    TI before starting treatment= BFP 9/2/11, EDD 5/13/12. 6w U/S = Blighted Ovum. M/C with misoprostal on 10/15/11
    2 100 mg Clomid and 3 5mg Femara cycles = 5 BFNS. Femara + IUI #1 = BFN
    Hybrid Cycle: Femara + Injects (lepori) + Trigger (pregny) + TI = BFN
    24 hour motility test = no motile sperm after 24 hours (all SAs otherwise normal)
    Hysteroscopy to remove uterine polyp 6/12/12. Unmedicated cycle post-surgery = BFN
    Femara + Trigger + IUI #2 = BFN
    Femara + TI = BFP! EDD 5/28/13. HB seen twice. No HB @ 9 weeks. D&C 10/24/12. Trisomy 15
    Break cycle, SHG = all clear.  2 Femara + TI Cycles = 2 BFNS. Femara + IUI #3 = BFN
    IVF #1 w ICSI antagonist protocol. April 2013. 24r 21m 20f. 10 frosties. 5dt one 4AA =BFPEctopic
    2 doses MTX then Lap = tube saved, cleaned up Endo. Surprise natural ovulation after surgery + TI = BFN
    FET #1. July 2013 Transferred one 3AB blast = BFN
    FET #2- One transferred 9/20/13. Beta #1 10dp5dt = 233 BFP resulting in a baby boy born June 2014.
    8 frosties left
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