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First haircuts

If your LO has gotten his or her first haircut already, where did you go and how did it go? DD never stops moving, not even in my lap, so I'm a little nervous about getting her hair cut, but she needs it so bad! There's a kids' haircut place nearby, but to me it seems so gimicky and over-stimulating that I almost think it'd be harder for DD to sit still.



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Re: First haircuts

  • We went to a kids place and he sat in a car. He was really good which surprised me. He was tired so maybe that helped. I think it would have been harder to have him sit on my lap. Plus the kids places are used to doing kids hair so they move fast!
  • Haven't done it yet, but DD is due! I'm interested to read others' experiences.
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  • My son has had 3 and I am shocked at how well he does. We go to a local kids place and he sits in a car. I warned them that he doesn't sit still well and so they went really fast. I brought toys and snacks just in case but he didn't even need them.
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  • Ds is a wiggle worm, and I'm surprised at how still he sat for a haircut! The hairdresser just gave him a comb to play with and he happily sat in DH's lap.

    He's due up for another haircut soon.

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    Haircuts?!  Oh I am so jealous of you ladies having to take your LO's to get haircuts.  We aren't even close to that yet.

  • Hubs did Amir's. We did it in our bathroom and he wriggled, cried but in the end it came out great. This will be his last major cut because from here till probably 4/5 it'll be braided up. 


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  • I want to get it done but I love his hair so much...I want it out of his eyes but I don't want them to cut his curls away. I need to do it soon though before he looks like a sheepdog!
    Then and now. How did my boy get so big? 

  • Me too, Baker.  I don't want to lose his curls!!  It just need to be evened out, it's really long in the front and right behind his ears.



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  • I went to a Kid's Cut place when Christian got his hair cutes up until about a year ago.  They have tv's and stuff to entertain them with.  I think its worth it. 

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  • My guy is a total squirmer so I was really worried, but it ended up being a breeze! The woman who did it was very experienced with children and worked very quickly.
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  • I did the first two trims (back, front, around the ears).  When it came time for a true cut, we took him to a local salon owner who goes to our church.  DH took DS (I was working), held him on his lap, and the beautician cut whatever hair she had access to quickly.  A customer who was waiting for her hair tinting to set, took a lot of pictures of the event. 
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  • Thankfully my uncle is a barber and has his own shop otherwise the whole salon would have heard him screaming bloody murder! I think DS was more afraid of my uncle than the actual haircut. I held him in my lap while DS screamed his head off. Amazingly, his hair didn't come out too bad! 
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