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Anyone travel yet??

Thinking of traveling to stay at a hotel with my husband while he is there for work.  We would find things to do during the day but wondering how DD would sleep at night and if it would be hard getting her to sleep.  Right now she goes down pretty easy with feeding, rocking and a little walking and bouncing.  I would just co-sleep with her at the hotel which I do off and on now.  Anyone travel and how did it go?????
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Re: Anyone travel yet??

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    We went away with DD a couple of months ago and she did great!  I don't know if it was because we would do so many more things with her during the day than her usual routine, that when it was time for her to go to sleep for the night she would go right to sleep.  I brought the pack n play and she slept there but occasionally we co-slept with her.  The most difficult thing for us was that we drove 12 hours with her.  Even though we took several breaks to get her out of the chair, change, feed, etc. the last 3 hours were torture.  Other than that, it was fine.
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    We've traveled many times since DS was two weeks old. We haven't stayed in a hotel yet, but various family's houses. He does great in terms of sleep, in fact his normal sleep routine/habits don't change. Of course we end up doing more activity during the day and I try to keep some sort of nap schedule, but his nighttime routine is always the same and he sleeps like normal and wakes his usual number of times.

    We take the bouncy or pack and play (depending on where we're going and the amount of space we'll have) for him to sleep in. We always drive as well (hasn't been over 3 hours as of yet) and we make sure to have the car/truck packed up completely, feed DS, change his diaper, then leave so he's happy for a while and sleeps the rest of the time.

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  • We've travelled to family, and took our first family vacation already.  DS stayed in the hotel with us; the hotel was able to provide a PNP (though we brought ours too, since they wouldn't guarantee).  DS did wonderfully.  We were out and about all day and he wasn't STTN anyways, so it wasn't much of a change.  We flew for our vacation, also a breeze.

     I wouldn't hesitate to continue to travel with LO.  We work on making ds as adaptable as possible.


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  • I'm currently traveling for two weeks for week and have brought LO with me and thankfully my mother and husband have been able to come to watch her. The 6 hr drive was ok with multiple stops to get her out to stretch. She has been fine except wanting to go to bed earlier. She has been out to supper with us and I think she is getting over stimulated. 



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  • We traveled about a month ago and the hotel had a rollaway crib we used. DS did great. We brought his white noise machine and used it just like we do at home to keep things consistent.
  • We like to travel before the baby is one (and can stand and walk, etc). We took #3 at 3.5 months old. She was still swaddled at the time and slept just fine. We did the same things we did at home (swaddle, bottle, bed). The biggest difference was that we turned the lights down and had the tv on but on a lower volume till DH and I went to bed.

    It went just fine.

    ETA: Like a PP, we used as much similarities from home as possible. For example, we have a fan at home for white noise, so we used a fan at the hotel near her playpen.

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  • I traveled with DD on a plane 3000 km and she did amazing! She wasn't quite 2 months old then. She didn't have any trouble with her ears on the way there but on the way back she had trouble with the landing. All in all she was great.
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  • I traveled overseas with my baby when he was four months old, and returned when he was five months old.  He did great!  If your baby is a good sleeper and sticks to her routine pretty regularly, you should be fine.  Do some research, read some blogs of hardcore Mommy travel experiences, and think about what you can keep the same for your baby before you go.  Preparation is everything, but don't feel like you need to overpack.  For example, we brought the same washing detergent for clothes and blankets to keep the smells the same as much as possible.  We bought a cheap bouncy chair that was similar to the one he had at home for during the day.  Your child's inner ear isn't developed enough to be affected by air pressure changes in an airplane until two years of age or so, but experts recommend breastfeeding or bottle feeding during takeoff and landing for comfort.  Keep the daily and nightly routines the same (as much as is possible). Give extra cuddles and hugs so that baby feels secure.  You'll be fine!  Attitude is everything.
  • We went from Toronto to Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago when B was almost 4 months. He did great, especially considering the time change. In fact- in Vegas was the first and only time he's ever fully slept through the night without even 1 wake up.

    We kept him on the same schedule even with the time change since it was only 3 days, and although it sucked for us being up at 5am it was way better for him.

    The plane was good, the flight attendants were so nice and almost all the passengers were too. We had one cranky lady behind us who kept giving me the stink eye every time he made a peep. Even if it was a happy coo.

    We also rented everything while we were there to cut down on luggage. Full size stroller, swing etc. that was a life saver!
  • We went away with DD when she was 3 months.  Before the trip, for two weeks I got her use to the pack n play.  I would put her in it at least once a day.  When we went away, she slept like she normally did at home, but in the pack n play.  She even STTN the last night we were away.   HTH
  • When she was just a week old we drove 1,000 miles so she could meet her father. She made the trip back and forth between Indiana and Texas a total of five times in three months. (There and back twice, and once to actually MOVE.) She did great. Of course we had to stop more often to get her out of her seat and stretch, but she did fine on the road and didn't seem to mind the hotels. Granted, the first couple of times she was just a couple of months, and she's more aware now, but I think she'd still be okay.
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  • DS and I are in South Korea visiting MH right now! He handled the plane really well and took just as long as I did (1-2 days) to adjust to the time difference.

    Last weekend we took a lil family vacation to the beach. He did well on the 2hr train ride then just fine while we were enjoying ourselves. we didn't know if there'd be room for a pack'n'play in the hotel, so w just co-slept. That was rough on me bc since DH is such a heavy sleeper he would just roll right over DS. It worked out fine though.

    Just remember to pack as light as you can, it's really hard to handle other things while carrying a child. I had to ask for help with my luggage, even my carry-on, on the plane ride over.  Other than that, PPs had great advice, especially reading up on some blogs. I wish I did ;) Good Luck!


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  • We have been on two trips. We went to the mountains and the beach, both about3-4 hours away. We brought the pack and play and DS slept great. Our issue was him screaming his head off in the car. It's truly a nightmare. He frequently cries in the car, however, so we weren't surprised by this. I always ride in the back with him but it's so hard to soothe him when I can't hold him and he won't take a pacifier.


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