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Introducing baby Mia

After going 3 looooong days overdue, Mia decided to make her appearance on July 16th at 2:27PM.  Thankfully we didn't make it to my induction date.  She weighed 9lbs, 7oz and was 21.5" long.  She is a chunky monkey!  She was born with a double chin and fat rolls under her armsBig Smile

Quick birth story: 

Thought I was in labor on Monday, contractions got to 6 minutes apart and eventually fizzled out.  Then Monday night around 11:30 the real ones came.  And they HURT way more than I expected.  After laboring on my own for a couple hours, I woke dh up to help me work through them.  Called my mw and went to the hospital around 4:00am. 

I was only 2cm, but decided to start the epidural process and then begin pitocin and break my water.  Thankfully that worked.  I was ready to push by just before 1pm, pushed for 37 mins and she was here!  I think the epidural had worn off by that point because I definitely felt more than pressure!  But I think being able to feel the urge to push helped me push the right way.  And let me just say, about the pooping thing....I'd compare that to sneezing with your eyes open.  I just can't see how you could push but hold back the poo!  Ha, oh well.

I got a 2nd degree tear, but so far healing hasn't been terrible.  And I posted about the Belly Bandit awhile back.  I started to wear it 4 days pp, and I really recommend it so far.  It has made walking around with a jelly belly much more comfortable, and it is definitely helping pull my belly back in much quicker than it would be without.

Here are some pics of my beautiful baby girl (never done pip, hope this works!).  Good luck to all the pregnant mamas, and overdue mamas I feel your pain!  Hope your LO's decide to come soon!

ETA: Sorry!  Not sure why it's double posting my pics.

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pic 2:

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