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UGGG...not sure how to handle this...LONG.

I haven't been on the bump in a while, and used to use the July 2012 moms board all the time, but now I have some allergy issues creeping up and thought I would reach out to the allergy board.  Sorry if this gets long. 

LO is on soy formula, she had dairy sensitivities as a little one.  I was EBF and was fine, until I had to go on two rounds of intense antibiotics for a nasty infection and my supply tanked.  So we switched to regular formula which resulted in liquid diapers.  I put her on soy  formula and her diapers returned to normal so we stuck with it.  Around 4 months old I noticed a splochy back, not dry, no texture change, just red splotches.  My Pedi told me at her 6 month and 9 month check ups that she was just a splotchy baby.

I just fed her ham the other day, and she broke out in hives, then last night it dawned on me that her splotchy back started before we introduced solids so I am thinking she may be allergic to soy too.  I don't know what to feed her now....she is supposed to be weaning off of formula, but I also feel like I have to pull all her food and reintroduce again and really pay attention...better than I did the first time around.  I didn't realize the hives were hives, I have seen them on her before and thought she scratched herself, she usually gets 2-3 and they are on her head (bald) so I mistook them as scratches.  My mom, an RN saw them last night and told me they were hives...(feeling like a bad mommy) 

I called the pedi, who just last week told me she would not send her to an allergist, but that was before the I am waiting for them to call me back, but am also feeling impatient and thought I would see if any of you had any advise.  I bought Nutramigin today, but then saw that it has Soy in it.  I am at a confused loss as to what to feed my baby. 

Again...sorry for the long rambling post.  Thanks to anyone who has any advise. 


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Re: UGGG...not sure how to handle this...LONG.

  • I would insist on going to an allergist. If they still wont then switch drs bc they are not meeting your baby's needs. We started with supplimenting w formula then he got constipated so we switched from similac to good start bc too much iron can constipate. Then he developed diarrhea so we switched to soy. then he developed acid reflux and eczema. At that time my dr immediately sent us to the dermatologist and allergist. He tested pos for milk & soy and was switched to Neocate which is an amino acid based formula. At 1 yr old he tested pos for milk, soy, oat, peanuts, tree nuts, coconut. At 2 yrs all of the above plus mustard.  His levels were low at 1 yr for soy so we did a challenge test (slowly give a little at a time to see if a reaction happens - at the dr office) He failed it after 2 oz.

     So, I say all that to say that continued ingestion of an allergen is not good. What is your baby goes into anaphylactic shock? I wouldn't chance it. You need to get to an allergist.

     As far as good substitutions for cows milk are: flax seed milk, hemp milk (no THC in it), rice milk (low calories and not a lot of fats or good stuff), sunflower seed milk, multigrain milk, almond milk (watch the nut thing if there is already a suspected allergy) and I think a few others. Hemp and Flax Seed are the most nutritional. Lots of Omegas and taste ok too. Plus they come in chocolate, vanilla or original. I actually drink chocolate hemp milk.

     Good luck! 

  • Our gastroenterologist said that dairy allergic babies are more prone to developing soy allergies too. So she put LO on Allimentum.  My LO wouldn't take it due to the change in taste and smell, and we didn't have time to allow her to adjust, but I know of others who haven't had the same problem.  

    Also check the ingredients for the ham.  Sme deli meat use dairy as a binding agent.  Look for milk, lactose, whey, or casein.  The whey or casein is the most likely culprit in the ham. 

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