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Pacifiers suck.

Today is day uno of pacifier for sleep only. Gio is used to carrying two with him at all times, so the morning has consisted of constant whining and multiple attempts to suck on my toes, arms,and anything with excess fat, including my stomach, for which he lifted up my shirt to get to.

The next kid isn't getting a pacifier...or a swaddle...or a bassinet.
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Re: Pacifiers suck.

  • So sorry BBJ! I'm so grateful S became uninterested in pacifiers super early, like around 4 months or so. There were times, though, when I wished she did like them, like when we were sleep training. I remember putting one in her crib and saying, "trust me, you'll feel better with this!" while she was wailing for nearly an hour.

    Good luck to you and G! 

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  • Sad  I am terrified of doing this!!!  Sam has been so whiny that we have really been falling back on the pacifier during the day.  We try to do it only for sleep, but if the whining is driving me crazy, I grab the pacifier.

    Good for you!!  Keep it up!  He'll get used to it soon....right?!



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  • Christian was a paci baby, but Liam never took one.  I dont know which I  Both are hard!

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  • image latnprincess:
    Christian was a paci baby, but Liam never took one.nbsp; I dont know which I prefer...lolnbsp; Both are hard!

    Same except switch kids, oldest stopped st 4 months. Amir still going hard.


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  • J was the same, but after a couple days he never asked for it. It was only in the car, and in bed. Now it's only in bed because I got tired of searching for dropped pacis in the car.

    When I start having 2 days off again, we are getting rid of it completely. I'm scared!

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  • The whining doesn't last long. He'll forget about it, trust me. It only took a day of whining until ds found his finger to chew on instead.

    Now he only gets the pacifier for sleep, and when I leave him with a babysitter [he gets anxious when we leave].

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  • I am so thankful that DS never wanted a pacifier.  He was into his thumb but gave that up on his own as well. Now he just chews his fingers on occasion thanks to teething. He also never liked the swaddle and slept in his crib from day 1.

    Good luck today!

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  • I LOLed that he's using you as a paci!  I'm thankful DD never took one (other than to chew on).  My nephew is 18 months and has one in his hand, one in his mouth, and one in his pocket at all times.  His speech is actually a bit behind and the pedi told my FSIL and brother to cut the paci so he'd be able to practice speaking.  That was a no-go.

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    Good luck!  I am dreading doing this. I am thinking about starting with short trips in the car without it and working from there.  I said we will start after her first birthday.

  • I feel you. But the whining does go away. We are back to just using the pacifier for naps.

  • Yeah. This is what I am scared of. DS1 never took to one. But Finny is obsessed with his. I kind of like it because I know it soothes him when he needs soothing, but it's going to be a PAIN to take away.
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