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Convince me that your pets know...

I have had a lot of people asking me if my 3 cats know that I am pregnant. I haven't noticed any change in their behavior whatsoever. My husband and I were talking about it, and we are both not convinced that pets can actually "know" something ahead of time. But I'm interested in others' thoughts and experiences.

I'm kind of a crazy cat lady, so it's weird. I expected my cats to start behaving differently, but I'd be lying if I said I noticed a change.

This will be a temporary post and run because I have an ultrasound this morning. But I will check it (probably while in the waiting room) and when I get back. :)



Re: Convince me that your pets know...

  • Meh my cat has no idea haha she still is a little booger. She didn't notice my first pregnancy, she only was really offended by the crying newborn taking her spot.
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  • I'm not entirely sure she "knows," but my dog has been sick for the last month for no reason at all.  She hasn't gotten into anything, the vet says she's totally fine, everything (bloodwork, stook samples) checks out ok, and she has never been sick once before.  I've had her since she was born, and in the 4 years I've had her, she has vomited exactly twice until now.  I'm not saying it's related, but I'm not totally convinced it's not related. Maybe she knows and is having these symptoms for attention?

    Like you, I'm not 100% convinced they really know.  I always thought they could tell, but now I'm just guessing since there is no rational explanation for her being sick. I'm a crazy dog lady, so I was definitely expecting a big change.  Other than this, there has been no difference.  I'm still up in the air on the whole thing.

    I'd like to see what others have to say!

  • No convincing here.  My cat is my shadow, but he's always been that way. Same behavior as with LO #1 - no noticeable difference from his regular clinginess.

    I think people tend to project their excitement onto others, and that includes pets.  But I suppose I could be proven wrong by posts on this thread...


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  • My oldest dog knows. She does not really leave my side alot. Always close by. If I am outside with them in the morning she goes and keeps an eye on the front. She rarely barks but she will bark if anyone comes too close to the fence that she does not know. But I'm sure then sense something is up.

    Have fun see your baby!!!
  • I'm sure mine know. I have two pitbulls, one boy and one girl. They were always more attached to my husband than me. Now, total opposite. They used to follow him around everywhere. Now they pretty much never leave my side. My boy will even refuse to go out to use the bathroom if it means leaving me in the house alone. He will just stand there until I get up and come outside too. And my girl is now super protective of me when we have others in the house. They are always super excited to see new people and people they know that come over to the house. They would always run to the door to be pet and say hi. Now when people come into the house my girl sits right next to me and just watches the people. Oh! and my boy now watches me shower. Will not leave the bathroom. and will move the curtain over and over again if I try to close him off so he cant see me. Again, this is all new behavior that started right before I found out I was pregnant. So I'm pretty sure mine know. Maybe its different between cats and dogs?
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  • I'm pretty sure my dog just knows that I'm hormonal and she chooses to hang with DH more than me now.  Plus she is used to laying on my belly and I don't let her much anymore because she will see a car or something that she wants to bark at and sucker punches me in the uterus and it HURTS.  She does however sense when I'm sick and is much better behaved and rests her head on my leg and watches me.  But she was my companion after a really bad car accident so she has always been kind of protective of me since then


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  • I think one of my cats knows. In late April, she started refusing to use her litter box, and became super clingy toward me. It was literally a week or so after I got my BFP. The vet has not been able to find anything medically wrong with her, and nothing else has changed around our house. We've had to implement about a million "anti anxiety" strategies to remedy the problem and it is improving, but it's my hunch that it was triggered by my pregnancy.
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  • My cat isn't acting any different but my dog is. She has started barking at everyone who comes near me except my husband and doing this cute thing where she lays her head down on my belly. She started doing that before i was even showing and she puts her ear down which makes me wonder if she can hear them moving.


  • One of my cats that I've had for 6 years has always been a tad bit on the shy side. She would usually lay on my lap if I was watching TV, but she would always sleep by my feet at night and immediately jump away as soon as I (or my husband) made the slightest movement. The past few months tho, she has been sleeping under my arm at night like a teddy bear and stays there even if I move around. Even if I get up to pee she will stay in the same spot and wait for me to come back and then nudge my arm until I lift it up and she can get under it again.

    I'm not saying that she actually knows, but her behavior has definitely changed. 


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    if this isn't proof enough, i don't know what is.... 

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  • I don't know if my dog knows a baby is on the way, but he knows something is 'different'. He literally incubates my stomach at night in bed and on the couch like a chicken would lay on an egg. He is a daddy's boy but ever since a week before our BFP he has been glued to my side. He is not a 'licker' but likes to lick me often now and will bring me his treats to share, which is not typical of him at all. He's also become more protective and barks more at sounds that don't exist when we're alone. I am so curious to see how he'll behave when Baby gets here! 

  • image goldenB:
    if this isn't proof enough, i don't know what is....nbsp;

    Aw, that's exactly what my dog does. She's little too, not as little as your dog but about 12 lbs


  • Our older dog doesn't have a clue. I guess because he is a beagle, all of his smarts went to his nose and not his instincts. 

    Just yesterday, our younger dog made me think she knows. My husband was rough playing with them and I was laying on the couch. She came and jumped on the couch (which she isn't allowed to do) and stood over my upper legs covering my belly, in a very protective stance. She stayed there until my husband and the other dog left the room. Who knows though, maybe she just wanted to scam her way to the couch.  



  • I also have 3 cats and I haven't noticed any changes in their behavior either.
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  • Yay for ultrasounds! Hope you get a good look.

    My dog has to know. He has recently started "protecting" me from DH. If he walks into the same room as me, the dog jumps up and runs across the room to stand in front of me. He's even gone so far as to growl at him. No worries, we have an appointment with a trainer to straighten that out. The dog has also started following me everywhere and just sitting in the same room as me. The other day he laid next to the treadmill for 20 mins and watched me walk. He's got to know...


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  • My cats have been a bit different. They are more cautious walking about me... My dog on the other TOTALLY knows something is up. I'm currently on bed rest due to a SCH and my 80lbs Alaskan Malamute follows me around the house and has turned into a cuddly, sleepy, shadow dog. She won't let me out of her site and licks me every chance she can. And she is super cautious if she sits on the couch/bed next to me.

    Its very cute. 

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  • A close friend of mine and my SO has a chocolate lab and everytime I'm at their house she will stay by my side the entire time and she didn't do it much before I was pregnant. Now if I lay down on the couch she will climb on the couch and lay beside me as if she's protecting me and my LO. It's been really funny watching the way she acts around me now
  • I suspect my dog (Molly) knows and is not happy about it at all. She normally is very clingy and likes to cuddle, and she is MY dog, so I'm her go-to person. She has been avoiding me since May. She won't sit with me on the couch, avoids my hands when I try to pet her, and just in general wants nothing to do with me. My DH and I were in the living room one night watching TV. He was sitting in a chair and I was on the couch. Molly was on the couch too, but on the opposite end from where I was sitting. DH suggested that we switch places, just to see what Molly would do, so we did and as soon as DH sat on the couch Molly got up and climbed into his lap.

    She avoided me when I was pregnant with DS too. 


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  • I have three cats too. The youngest one has been kneading my stomach area for 5-10 minutes a day since week 5...and then curls up on my stomach. Luckily she only weighs 6 lbs and only does it when I'm in bed with a blanket on. Does she know? Shrug, but she only did lap kneading before.
  • The only change I've noticed is that as we slowly put the baby's room together, both cats have decided it's their favorite room in the house! Annoying to have to keep sweeping cat hair in there, lol!
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  • My cat has always been my little guy, always favouring me over DH. Since getting pregnant he seems more protective now, and follows me around A LOT more than he used to. Even if he's sleeping, I'll get up to go lie down in the bedroom and he'll follow me and lie down in the doorway. Or if I leave the bedroom to go play Xbox or watch tv, or make dinner... He's right there with me.

    I've always thought that most pets know when something is up. Our smell changes because of the hormones (though we don't really notice a difference, they're more sensitive to it) and even minor differences in our behavior can change the way a pet acts. Not saying all pets are that way though.

  • I dont have cats so my post may be irrelevant. I have a female 9 year old yorkshire terrior, who definitely knows.  With both this pregnancy and my last, starting at around 6-8 weeks, she became very clingy. If I go to another room, she follows. Where ever I am sitting, she must be right next to me, typically with her head on my lap.  I've been told by someone that dog's hearing is very sensative and can pick up on the babys heartbeat. 


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  • I have 2 cats and this will be baby 1. Since about week6 they have been very cuddly. This would be normal if it was winter, but we are in the middle of this heat wave and they rarely cuddle in the summer. While watching tv I have one on my lap and the other up against my leg.
  • I've heard of this and thought it was just hooey but I think it might actually be true.  Our dog is a softie and she always comes into the bedroom and lies beside my bed when I go to sleep (usually at least 30 minutes before DH).  About 5 minutes later she races off to wherever "Papa" is and when he goes to bed, she'll get into her crate in the living room and stay there all night.  Every once in a while I'll wake up and hear her walking around, sometimes she'll come to our door but then she'll go back to her crate when she realizes nobody is awake.

    The past month or so she sleep beside my bed all night long.  I feel really bad for her as we have hardwood floors and her crate has this lovely comfy bed.  If I go to the bathroom, she follows me and sits outside the bathroom, then she'll follow me to wherever else I go.

    She's also in the habit of getting on the couch between DH and I but she loves to put her head on my belly.

    Those are all things she does "more" than before I was pg so who knows if she's just getting sappier or if she knows.  She hasn't stopped pulling on her leash though, I'm still waiting for that.

    P.s. hope the scan goes well!

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  • My kitty Bella, and by kitty I mean big fatty, has been laying on my stomach more and more and being more of a lapcat than she usually is. Even my husband said something about it.
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  • My dog and male cat haven't been acting any differently. But my female cat, she's 7, has been up my butt since 7 weeks. She was the same with DD. She has always been really affectionate but now she's affectionate and clingy lol And only wants to lay on or against my belly. 

    Maybe my behavior has changed thus changing hers? Who knows. But last pregnancy both boys got super clingy around 15-17 weeks, once kicks started. I have a picture of all three of them vying for position on my belly lol Darwin's huge head is on the side and the cats were curled together on top. It was right before I went into labor, so 22-23 weeks. So we shall see.  


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  • Cats can sense the change in your hormones... I think I learned this from Animal Planet. Whether they react to it or not, I guess that depends on the cat. Mine def started to act weird around the first weeks of my pregnancy. He would sit and stare at a corner of the living room for hours. He also does not interact with me as much. 

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  • Dog is oblivious. Dog is always oblivious.


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  • With DS ... my dog knew ... she used to sleep on the baby bump ALL the time ... 

    *Hope this image works* 


     This time from the moment I got back from Jamaica ...she was acting funny ... she was actually one of the first suspicions I had to being pregnant!!! 



  • image Arya808:
    Cats can sense the change in your hormones... I think I learned this from Animal Planet. Whether they react to it or not, I guess that depends on the cat. 

    This is an interesting way to look at it. Perhaps my cats just don't give a crap, haha.

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