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Can someone just tell me what stroller to get!

I am looking for a new double and am sooo sick of looking into them. So many choices and pros and cons to each.
I will be walking my daughter to school which includes crossing over a small grass section and then a bike trail. I also want it to be for trips to mall/zoo etc.
Looking at britax b agile double, city mini double, city mini gt double, valco snap dual, baby trend expedition.
If you have looked into doubles which would you get?
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Re: Can someone just tell me what stroller to get!

  • I have the baby trend expedition single. There are lots of complaints about the front wheel wobbling. We definitely have this problem and it's super annoying. Not sure if it's the same case with the double, but just thought I'd share.
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  • We have the City Mini GT double. After reading all of the rave reviews on the Multiples board, I went with that one. It's comfortable for the boys, VERY easy to break down, and crosses over grassy/gravel areas without problems. Any double stroller is going to be a bit of a beast, but it works for us. I prefer side by side style, as a tandem is so difficult to steer and the baby in the back always gets the short end of the stick. It doesn't come with accessories, but I've ordered some off brand items on Amazon that work well with Baby Jogger products.
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  • I have the stroll-air & love it, it is a side by side & it fits everywhere I go, I have not had issues with it.  I have a tandem which I retired, it was the kolcraft duo, black & red one, cant recall specs, it was heavy & more awkward than the side by side.  The stroll-air has an easy adaptor for the carseat & when that is retired the seats are easy to snap in & out, HTH's :)
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  • Phil&Teds Explorer.  Hands down.  Love it. 


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    You have no storage though with two seats right? That's my concern... And my husband would definitely complain about that. Is it hard for the kid on the bottom to see things though besides the back of a seat?
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    Love the Bumbleride Indie Twin :)  Good luck choosing!!
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