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Kicked in the butt?

The past few days I have been feeling alot of movement towards my butt. It is incredibly wierd. Due to my ap I seem to be feeling more movement down there than in my belly. Anyone else experiencing this? I kind of expected this later on but not at 23 wks.

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Re: Kicked in the butt?

  • Yes, me! I asked my doc about it this past week at my appt and he said baby boy is probably breach when he's doing that. I guess they still have plenty of room to move and flip around right now. It's a strange sensation though, feels like he is kicking me right in the's startling! Lol
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  • I normally get kicked around my right hip, but occasionally she kicks toward my butt or right in my back.

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  • Oh thank God I'm not the only one!
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  • CoIvieCoIvie
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    Lol. Think I've felt this too. Really weird
  • How is that I just feel this minutes before I read your post. I was feeling it thinking, that is not possible is it? But apparently kicking my cervix wasn't enough, he wants to kick my butt too. Thanks buddy! :-) 
  • That's so weird. I thought I was feeling kicks back there, but thought it must be a muscle twitch or something because it seemed too weird. Now I'm pretty sure that's what that was.
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  • My LO was kicking me in the butt (hole, really) all night last night!!  At first I got super paranoid that something was wrong, then I remembered someone posting this weekend about their LO stepping on their cervix.  Which settled my mind, but not my poor butt.  And he seems to be at it again this morning.

    He is so grounded when he comes out!

  • My LO does the same thing and I absolutely hate the feeling....its just so strange!


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  • LO has been head down for the last 8 weeks or so (I'm getting weekly ultrasounds) but is essentially folded in half. I'm getting the "enjoyment" of both headbutts to the cervix and kicks in the bum. He or she has an excellent future as a Cirque du Soleil performer.
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  • Mine isn't my butt but my bladder! I swear he thinks it's a soccer ball and at times I think he's pissed off at it, it's in the way or something lol He treats it like kick boxing
  • I have gotten kicked in the colon and it makes me nauseated!
    Also cervix kicks are fun :p

    Totally weird feelings, hoping she stays away from the butthole kicks!
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  • Yes, definitely getting kicks in that area too! It's a very strange feeling.
  • I haven't experienced those kicks yet. I sure hope she stays away from those ones though! She occasionally focuses on stamping on my cervix or head butting it which makes me walk really funny. And being kicked directly in the bellybutton is by far the weirdest sensation I've experienced. :D I'm in the same boat as one of the other posters, I almost always jump whenever she first starts kicking in a series of movements. The other morning I must have rolled slightly on my belly when I was asleep because she all of a sudden kicks me hard enough to wake me up, which caused me to jump and roll over to my other side and then she was happy enough to leave me alone. Lol
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