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Tv question

Hi ladies! So I have read in some posts that many of you are adamantly against LO watching any tv or being exposed to screens. I read online that it can cause developmental delays, but was wondering what your reasons were. I mean, do you never have the tv on at all while LO is in the room??? And what is it about the screen? Can it harm them?

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  • i guess i scarred my 2 yo for life. he doesn't watch much tv anyway, but he definitely was exposed to it a lot. he is extremely smart and way ahead verbally. so i don't buy the any exposure is going to harm your kids. i think it's the park your baby in front of the tv facing it all day long kind of thing that may cause issues. everything in moderation is my opinion. but if anyone has a vetted scientific study to link to, i'd be willing to read it.

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  • I am not going to be extremely strict because right now the only way my husband can see our son is through Skype. That being said, I usually have the TV off when he is playing and nobody is also in the living room here at my mom's. In my house the only TV we have is in the living room, Connor won't have one in his room.
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  • I'm interested to see the replies here. I am not big on tv unless The Walking Dead or American Horror Story are on. DH has it on all the time and when he has DD, she's almost always on his lap with a great view of our 55 inch, which she will nearly break her neck to see. It bothers me, but we spend lots of time talking to her and interacting with her so I can't decide how much of an issue to make of it. I've nagged him but it doesn't help, but then again he works 12 hours 7p to 7a and I get that he just wants to sit on the couch and unwind and see DD when he gets home. We also like to watch movies together in the evenings, and I usually spend that time cluster feeding her before bed.
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  • I am curious what others have to say also, hence the post hehe see, I would put the tv on if I was washing dishes or making bottles, etc. for my son and in would put on something colorful and educational even though now I'm reading there is no benefit to those before age two. But it gave him something colorful to look at while I got something done and he is horrible at entertaining himself. And my son is like your daughter. So attracted to the tv if its on and same with hubby, he said you're crazy if you think we are never watching tv anymore while he is awake. So I mean, has anyone read something that states it's actually harmful in any way??? That's my question. I understand face to face interaction is most important and I spend a ton of time doing that, but towards the end of the day, I want to just sit and watch a show and relax.
  • While flipping through channels yesterday, I put on Sesame Street and could not believe how mesmerized My LO was. I've never actually turned something on specifically for him before then.. Usually in the morning and evening I'll turn the news on, but he could care less. Though now that I've noticed how much he liked a colorful kids program, I'm [like PPs] interested if anyone has researched if tv is harmful for babies.
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  • Here is an article that links early tv viewing to add and ADHD. As a teacher with way too many kids who have add and ADHD, I am extremely limiting DS's screen time. He catches a glimpse now and then but that's it. I'm not judging those who choose differently, but this is just my decision.

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  • http://pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/early/2011/10/12/peds.2011-1753.full.pdf

    personally, we turn the tv off unless DS is asleep, and occasionally my husband will watch sports or something in the weekend. I a, home with DS all day every day and I keep the tv off. I want to limit exposure as much as possible until DS is two. People get angry over this issue, which I don't get. Read up on it and make a decision for your family. 



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  • Studies have show delays and other problems. Also, I just don't want a child "addicted" to TV. Even now the second she sees a screen she stares and I can't break her attention until I turn it off.

    I don't have the TV on now that she can "find it" unless she is somewhere that she cannot see it. I'm not opposed to it being on as long as she isn't in a fixed stare and thus I won't be using it to entertain her for at least a year. I will try for 2 or longer but don't want to speak too soon.



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  • I agree with the studies PPs have posted. But I think it's related mostly to kids not getting much interaction because they're watching tv. I currently don't turn it off because LO is in the room, but he's never facing the tv. When it catches his eye I try to face him a different direction. As he gets older, I'll turn it off more often and will definitely limit how much he actively watches!

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    DH constantly has the tv on and I know when I leave the house, he sits the baby next to him and they watch tv. I try not to have tv on while LO is awake. I didn't really watch tv before maternity leave, but now I watch it more bc I'm always home. 

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  • I do think children's cartoons are poor these days. I miss Looney Toons and Ninja Turtles, He Man, Thundercats, etc....
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  • We have one tv. We never have it on unless the kids are sleeping. Ds1 watches a few 20 minute shows a day but he didn't see it until he was 2. Ds2 might be exposed a little earlier than ds1 simply because we allow some tv time since he's older. We will see how it goes.
  • Our pedi says no screen time until two.

    We did a little before two but not much.
  • We don't own a tv so no LO does not get screen time. We have read articles mostly from AAP about screen time as well as background media.
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  • image letranger:
    Our pedi says no screen time until two.

    We did a little before two but not much.

    For what reasons? And is it okay if they are getting mostly face to face interaction or is it something with actual screens that is harmful. Still confused here.
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