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Expected to lose weight!

Am I the only one? Lol

I think it might have to do with having GD but my nurse and dietician are expecting me to lose weight because I've already gained 33 pounds. I started off at 130 pounds and I am now 163.. I had a BMI of 20 pre pregnancy so it's hard for me now and to be expected to lose weight? Gahhhh

I literally have nooooo energy to exercise twice a day.. I never even used to really exercise to begin with so this is a whole new take on life for me, plus my new diet. Anyone else expected / trying to lose weight with 0 motivation or energy to do so? ....not a good time for me..

Re: Expected to lose weight!

  • No...and to be honest if a Dr told me to I would say no.  Your beginning BMI isn't that high....and the strain beginning an everyone program now would put on your body could cause preterm labor.  just focus on eating healthy and ignore the scale for now.
    After three miscarriages and one ectopic pregnancy we are currently pursuing adoption. " Born not from our flesh, but born in our heart. You were longed for and wanted and loved from the start."
  • excercise* program
    After three miscarriages and one ectopic pregnancy we are currently pursuing adoption. " Born not from our flesh, but born in our heart. You were longed for and wanted and loved from the start."
  • Could it be that because you have GD and are now watching your sugars, that they're expecting some weight to come off because of the diabetic diet? I could see that, but ONLY that.

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  • Why do you need to exercise twice a day? 
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  • I'm surprised they want you to lose weight while pregnant. Stick to your dietary guidelines and focus on controlling your blood sugars. Keeping your blood sugars level is the most important thing right now, not the number on the scale. As for exercise it's not healthy to start any sort weight lose exercise regimen while pregnant, especially when your body isn't used to working out. Plus, exercise greatly affects blood sugars and will make it harder for you to control them. You could put yourself into pre term labor if you aren't careful. Start really easy by just taking a short walk every day and listen to your body. If you are feeling great you can gradually increase exercise but if you are becoming really fatigued and having a lot of BH contractions you need to back off the exercise.
  • I don't post often, but I just wanted to say that my doctor has had me having to lose weight from the beginning. I started pre pregnancy just above 300 lbs though, so it is a much different situation. He says as long as the baby continues to progress at a normal rate that it is perfectly healthy to slowly lose during pregnancy. So far, I've managed to lose 30 lbs through careful eating, walking, and pre natal yoga. I hope this helps a little! I would definitely be extra careful starting a new exercise routine this late in pregnancy though.
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  • Not that high?! Any lower and it would be borderline underweight! I was 19 BMI prepreg and I have also been put on a specific calorie diet and exercise plan to make sure I gain enough weight but not too much, and make sure I continue my cardio bc it's good for your body, esp since I'm considered high risk with twins. At 30 wks, my BP is 104 over 64 and I credit the cardio. So keep in mind exercise is for much more than weight regulation!
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  • Btw I can't speak for starting an exercise regimen at this point in pregnancy, but in general, having no energy is a great reason why you should exercise. I come home from work run down and exhausted. If I don't do cardio when I get home, I'm a useless sluggish couch lump for the rest of the night. If I force myself to get on that treadmill, I feel 3927293 times better after my workout and my energy increases.
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  • That's insane. I wouldn't do it. 33 pounds is technically too much but it isn't too much. Seriously. Tons of people gain 50 or more and are healthy and so is baby. I think the risk to baby is higher if you try to lose weight.
  • That is weird that they want you to lose weight. Can you just go for walks a couple times a day?
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  • You shouldn't be expected to lose weight, but more than likely you are going to from the GD diet. I would definitely walk some while on the diet because it will help with any soreness and keep your numbers in check some.
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  • image A37licia:
    Could it be that because you have GD and are now watching your sugars, that they're expecting some weight to come off because of the diabetic diet? I could see that, but ONLY that.


    My doctor said with the changes in my general diet he wasn't surprised I lost weight and half expected it... (I don't have GD and started overweight so...)

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  • Did they give you goals for each week or every two weeks? If not then just take it day by day. Eat as healthy as you can. Try to walk as often as you can, take the stairs when you can, park just a little farther away than normal., make multiple trips around the house instead of multitasking to save the steps..etc. Every little bit helps.

     Good luck! 

  • Wow! You go girl! Losing weight is never easy, 30 pounds is a lot to lose not pregnant I can't imagine while pregnant! Hopefully, LO will keep you running around! Keep up the great work and good luck!
  • Just eat small meals and keep
    yourself busy and watch the pounds come off clean the house feed the kids/ pets go for a walk do the laundry cook dinner have sex with your husband bathe the baby go grocery shopping go to work do all that and you don't need an excersice plan drink plenty of water too
  • I'd be finding a new dr if I was told to lose weight while pg
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  • kje120kje120
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    20 is not a high BMI and I seriously question a doctor expecting you to lose weight while pregnant if you were not overweight to begin with.
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  • My midwife just told me to slow down and exercise more. She said cut down on juice, I have no idea how she knows I drink a ton and not enough water, and she said cut down on pasta and rice and other starchy carbs.

    Pre preg I was 118 lbs, then went down to 115 first tri, and am currently 135. She said by this point I've gained too much. 20 lbs and still 1.5 months to go. I asked, isn't it a pound a month? She said no, 2 lbs a month. Ah!

    Anyway, I was surprised to hear that because I'm petite, had trouble gaining weight at the beginning, and everyone's been telling me how small I am, and suddenly here she is saying I've gained to much and to start watching what I eat. Whomp whomp.

    I would NOT lose weight at this point. But try to get is some exercise and watch more carefully what u indulge in. It will make for an easier birth!
  • My BMI was 17 at conception and I'm considered underweight. Please just try not to strain yourself. Like a PP said prenatal yoga works wonders and you will probably feel great. 33 lbs is perfectly fine since average is between 25 and 40.
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