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Angelina Rose - full story!

Hey ladies,

Finally have some energy and a little spare time to put up the full story of our delivery!

On the 16th, went into early labor after having sex. I thought it was false labor again so I didn't go into triage until 12 hours later when the contractions were still coming close and strong. I was still only 3-3.5cm and 70% when I got there so they made me walk around for an hour and do squats which got me to 4cm and 90%. Since I was 38 weeks and in a lot of pain, my doc told them to admit me. By the time I got into the delivery room I was 5cm (about an hour after triage). Doc came and broke my water, didn't feel anything. Contractions were actually not as strong as they were before but still frequent so they gave me a small pit dose. I decided to get an epidural at that time since I knew things were going to get way worse and I was having a harder time with the contractions. Got my epi which was awesome, quick, and super easy and then they cranked up the pit. An hour and a half later I felt pressure in my butt and my nurse said I was at 9 almost 10cm! Called the doc and pushed for 3 contractions so less than 10 minutes and she was out! 

It went a lot smoother than I could of EVER imagined. My doc did cut me bc I was tearing and her head was big. She weighted 6lb 15.5oz so 7lbs and measured in at 18 inches. She went down to 6lb 5oz. in the hospital which is 8%. Not too bad and I don't need to supplement which is good.

BF is hard. She was slightly tongue-tied so I took her in the day after we got discharged to get it snipped and it seems to be getting a little better. My nips are super sore and true story BF hurts. My nips are breaking and I've bled a couple of times already.

BTW.. for anyone dealing with tongue-tied babies, since the snip I started using a pacifier and she has been able to transition really well. It is helping her learn to use her tongue and it's taken 2 days but she is latching normal now and not leaving me looking like a tube of lipstick!

Thanks for all the well wishes and congrats to all the new baby mommas out there! For those waiting for their little angels, stay positive and I'm wishing you all a safe and quick delivery!

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