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This post really has no point, I am just really shocked. I'm feeding DD and I come out of the bedroom and see DH cleaning the whole entire house. I have NO idea what is going on and who this man is. I mean he cleans but the whole house? Never seen that lol. But I'm pretty proud to have him (: Anyone else's DH do anything surprising?
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Re: Surprised.

  • Wow that's awesome!

    I went to visit my mom yesterday and came home to a complete dinner and a full pantry and fridge... He hates grocery shipping so that is huge for him. Bonus points to him for cooking my favorite dinner!
  • Nothing surprising here. Hubby is sleeping on the couch after Iasked him to put the clothes in the dryer and he didn't do it.
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  • Brought me flowers and woke up early two days in a row to walk the dogs for me!
  • We've been moving this week so DH hasn't had time to do anything surprising...

    A clean house sounds amazing!!

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  • That's so sweet of him! I came out of our bedroom after nursing one twin and getting her off to sleep to find my husband cuddled up with the other twin, holding his phone in front of her face. He said, "we're watching a video!" I was about to lecture him about TV and video with babies so young, when he said, "It's a video of black and white shapes!" She was enthralled. I know, no TV before aged 2, but it was so sweet and she really was loving it.
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  • Aww. My DH has been great lately about getting up with Connor at 5am so I can get an extra hour of sleep. He also washes bottles and gets bottles ready for daycare. For a minute there I was feeling like I was a single parent but he has been making a real effort to pitch in. 

  • My DH did all the diaper changing today while my friends were visiting. When he wasn't doing that, he was out on our deck scrubbing the rail.  He knows that I've been a bit starved for visitors and can't get out much, so he wanted me to make the most of my visit! 

    He can be a real pain in the arse sometimes, but he sure does have his moments.

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  • Wow! That's awesome of him!! MH goes on a cleaning spree once in a blue moon.

    However, he did go grocery shopping and came home with all kinds of goodies for me.


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  • I am surprised at DH in a negative way. He used to do the dishes. It was the only chore he did, but he did it everyday pretty much. Now forget about it, he does nothing.

    He has five more weeks to get the lazy out of his system because when I go back to work, I'm making his as's do the dishes again and I'm going to ask him to split laundry duties.
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  • That's awesome! No surprises here lately.
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  • What a great surprise.  
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