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ANYONE HAVE ADVICE? My son Dylan (14 months) is waking up screaming as if in pain. But as soon as I pick him up and hold him he calms down and won't let me put her back down. I end up rocking with him for a little while then try putting him down, but he starts screaming again. So then I end up sleeping with him and he falls asleep and still will toss and turn and if I try putting him down again he will wake up and scream again, rarely will stay asleep. This only happens at night, nap times are fine. I am thinking he is afraid of the dark but not sure...



  • My daughter is 15 months old and she has started waking up several times during the night. She doesn't wake up screaming, just crying. I'm thinking its just a phase fingers crossed. She has a nightlight so I'm not sure if its because of the dark. Have you discussed it with your dr? Does He fall asleep with you and then you put him in bed? Maybe he wakes up and expects you to be there and then gets upset.
  • Likely teeth or a bad dream. Possibly just a phase for to development or seperation anxiety.

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  • OP- I could have written this post myself!  Actually I have posted about it at least twice in the last month.  My LO who has been sleeping 11 hours straight through the night, never waking up, since 5.5 months old suddenly started waking up crying at night around his first birthday and unfortunately 2 months later its still going on!!  I have exhausted all possibilities.  Thought it was teething but nothing came in.  And its exactly like you described- I pick him up and suddenly he's fine, rock him for a minute, put him back down and he screams again.  There have been several nights where I was just too damn tired to deal with going in and out of his room so I let him sleep with him.  Im def not on the cosleeping team though so I don't want to do that.  Anyway I don't have advice just letting you know youre not alone!!  I hope your LOs phase doesn't last as long as mine!!  Im thinking its a bad bout of separation anxiety
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  • DS does this at most once a month. On the video monitor is appears he's having a nightmare.
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  • Have you been to the doctor? DD was having trouble sleeping and she ended up having an ear infection with no other symptoms.  She's been fine since the ear infection cleared up. Could also be nightmares or separation anxiety though. I wish they could tell us!

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    We just started this!! I have found that I can take DD to my room, let her sleep on me for 5-10 minutes, then when I put her back in her room, she will cry for a little bit like when she's overtired, but will go to sleep in about a minute. It's tough, but it's been working for us. I think it's bad dreams.
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    I'd also suggest ruling out ear infection which could be causing this. DS does this once in a while and he seems truly scared when I go get him so I have no problem sitting with him until he calms down and falls back asleep. He usually doesn't want me putting him back in his crib so I lay him down and rub his head and talk to him until he's ok with me leaving the room. If this happened every single night then I'd probably handle it differently but once in a while is no big deal so I let him know I'm there for him.
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  • ToraniTorani
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    Sounds like teething to me!  Give him some teething tablets or teething gel and he will feel much better!  Both of my boys did this every time they were getting new teeth.

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  • Yep totally teething to me too. My dd did the exact same thing, woke up crying and just wanted to be held. It lasted maybe 2weeks, though not every night. If she woke up, i gave her a few teething tablets and that seemed to help.
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  • This is happening for us too. The teething tablets haven't been working as good and she had Advil too. It's tough, I'm exhausted.

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  • This is my 14.5 month old too. I felt around his gums (and got bitten for my troubles) and found one bit of tooth poking through, so I'm guessing teething. Fortunately, a small dose of advil before bed seems to be working. LO STTN last night again.
  • My daughter does this and usually i'll go in her room once calm her and then put her back down. If she cries initially I just walk out of the room and after a couple minutes she will cry herself to sleep. It sounds bad but if I didn't let her CIO I would be in there forever. Maybe try letting your LO cry it out
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