Staying with LO in hotel

In early September we are going to a wedding out of state. LO has been invited, so she is coming with. She will be sixth months by then. She is formula fed, so I think we'll be getting a bunch of the ready made stuff to make life easy.

But what about bottles? We mostly use dr brown's at home, but she doesn't have an issue with others. This might be a stupid question, but would the ones with disposable inserts be easier to handle or clean on a long trip?

We haven't been away with her overnight yet so this is new to me. Any tips would be great.
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Re: Staying with LO in hotel

  • Larkin
    We are driving. Thanks so much for all the tips! Some great advice. We have used the premade formula before and she doesn't seem to have an issue with going back and forth. If we can't get that we will do the bottled water.

    I've never used the bottles with disposable liners so I didn't know if they required less clean up.

    Thanks again.
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    Dropins are less cleanup than Dr. Browns, because they have less parts. You'd basically only have to focus on the nipple. I'd try it before you go, though, and make sure they work for your LO.

  • Be careful about not bringing your own PnP.  We reserved a crib once and they called the day before to say it wasn't available after all. Luckily, we brought our PnP just in case.  We were planning on leaving it in the car unless the hotel crib was sketchy.  Turned out we really needed it.  It didn't take up a ton of room in the car, but if you're driving a small car, it could be a pain.


  • We just traveled with the dr browns and bottle brush and one of those small brushes for the small parts. It was so terrible.

    i actually like the powder formula for traveling as well because it is easier to heat up. We would get a cup of hot water from a coffee place or even the in-room coffee maker ad just mix it with the formula. DS used to like his formula really warm so the ready to serve stuff was impossible because we could never get it warm enough.  

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  • Also... If you are driving I would bring your PNP. We have had some terrible luck at the non-high end hotels. Whenever we have stayed at a Hyatt, Marriott, etc they have always had great cribs. But if we stay in a more budget situation the cribs are gross. 
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  • You could look into nurseries and disposable nipples. Pricey but no cleanup. I think they come in larger sizes, like 6 oz.

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  • Thanks ladies.

    We will bring our own PnP for sure. I'll look into the other bottles too. LO doesn't have a problem with the formula being cold or room temp, so the ready made stuff won't bother her. We don't heat her bottles at home.

    Since this is our first trip away, I'm just trying to think of things that will make the trip easier on everyone.

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  • We have the bottles with disposable liners. You'd still be cleaning the nipples and rings. And probably want to occassionally wash the bottle itself.

    If you use Similac Advance (blue bottle) can get boxes of premade bottles in 2oz or 8oz bottles, the Doc Brown bottle rings sometimes fit (but might drip out side) or the 2oz bottle box comes with presteralized nipple and ring. Saw at Buy Buy Baby last week there is a nipple and ring you could buy to attach onto the premade formula bottles (was hanging next to the formula packages). Would preresearch locations of baby supply stores along the way (and the grocherie stores, drug stores, Targets or Walmarts tend to have everything just in case you run out or forget something and you'll have access to a car so an emergency trip is feasible).

    Keep in mind, the premixed bottle will probably spoil a little easier (box said keep out of direct sunlight & has temp ranges).

    Could see the premeasured powder, with bottled water being only a little more work and if you dont use it all then, you'll have it around the house for future outtings.

    Can envision that whatever method you go with, if you put the used nipples (maybe rings too) into zip lock bag and then into cooler (or with ice pack) for the remainder of the ride, then wash to clean with bit of dish soap at the hotel room (maybe bring your own small basin). Air dry on a towel in the mini bar area? New ziplock bag to plop the cleaned ones into.

    Good luck & have fun!
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  • We use dr browns and have done MANY road trips and hotel stays when we moved last month. I just brought the drying rack we have and a jug of water and can of formula. I rinse all the pieces for the bottles and set them to dry on the rack. It wasn't any more difficult then when I'm at home.

    If I need to do a car feed I have an extra bottle of water that I use to rinse the bottles when dd is finished eating.
  • We just took DS on a mini-vacation last weekend, one night stay and he was in our room. He's 11 months old and I was super nervous about what a disaster it was bound to be.

    It wasn't even half as bad as I thought it would be. We brought his PNP and he had a hard time staying asleep because it was cold/wasn't his room/etc., so he did end up coming to bed with us around 4 after getting up 3 times, but he napped like a champ there. He's EBF, but I EP, so we just brought his regular bottles, a bottle brush, and a small bottle of soap and washed them out in the bathroom sink. I'd just take the Dr.B's if I were you.

    Just keep the hotel room as much "like home" as you can. We even brought DS' sheets from home, then of course his seahorse, lovey, etc. I think that's the only reason he even napped or slept without us. We did bring his white noise app/iPod and I'm sure that helped tons. There were kids running in the hallway and what not and he didn't wake up.

    Don't be surprised if she's off schedule. DS usually goes to bed 3.5 hours after he wakes up from nap #2 and he woke up from nap #2 at 5 and was up until we went to bed at 10:30.

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  • The medela steamer bags are great for cleaning if you have a microwave in your room.  
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  • I just did everything like I did at home. LOs first hotel trip was at 5 months. Brought a gallon of nursery water, her regular NUK bottles, a thing of formula, the bottle scrubber things, some dish soap. I just washed them in the sink. I used her PnP and she did fine. She actually STTN at the hotel. She never did at home at that age.
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  • Thanks again all! This has really helped!
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    I didn't read all of the responses, but if you stay at a Residence Inn or, I think a Homewood Suites, they have a small kitchen with a dishwasher. They are the most comfortable IMO.
    When DS was 18mos, we stayed in a one bedroom suite at an Res Inn. We set up our pnp in the living room. That way we were able to put him to bed, close the bedroom door, and still be able to watch TV and have access to the bathroom with out waking DS.

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  • Travel is hard on anyone, especially a baby.  We traveled a decent amount and never changed formula or anything.  Not sure what you use but its super easy to premeasure the powdered stuff into a container so you have what you need and can just bring the bottle with water in it and mix as you need.  I would not mess with a new formula while traveling.
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    They also make completely disposable (and recyclable) bottles that are one use. 


  • Just bring a bottle brush, dish soap and a couple extra bottles. Yes
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