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Olivia Noelle

Hey everyone. Wanted to drop in and say Congrats to all of those outside babies that have been born in the past few days.

Olivia Noelle was born on July 17 weighing in at 6 lb 2 oz. We came home yesterday and she is doing great! She is beautiful and I am head over heels in love!!! She was a RCS and I'm finding that my pain is much worse than last time, so I'm still taking the pain meds more than I'd like. I feel a bit guilty knowing that they make her sleepy, but I know that I need to get better and the dr gives you the meds for a reason.

DS just got home from his Grandparents'. He's been there since school on Fri and had a napless weekend. I'm always so thankful that we have so many people to help and I know that DS has a ton of fun with his grandparents, but I feel like he always comes home an overtired oversugared mess and it takes him a few days to get back on schedule. I missed my big boy so much while he was away, it is really great to have him back with us, temper tantrums and all!!!

Hope all is going well w all of you. I'm looking forward to catching up on everything I've missed!

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