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Question for those who live near family

If you live in the same town or area as your immediate family or extended family- how often do you spend time with them? Once a week? Once a month? Do you plan regular visits or just do random things together when you can?

I live in the same city as my mom, dad, and older brother. DS and I are currently staying with my dad so we see him pretty often, but my mom and brother both live about 20-25 minutes away. They both complain that we don't see each other enough, but honestly a few times a month is plenty for me. I don't mind seeing my dad everyday, because it's usually just a few minutes in the morning. It's important to me that W have a relationship with them, but if I don't set some boundaries they will want to hang out all the time and we won't have any time to ourselves. I'm curious to hear what other families who live close together do.


Re: Question for those who live near family

  • We see my parents once a week and sometimes I'll take ds over there to swim.
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  • Usually once a week.  I love spending time with my family though and it takes the burden off of MH and I for a bit.
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  • Gray99Gray99
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    It's different for us because my parents and ILs switch off watching LO every week.


    Prior to children or when I was on maternity leave it was about once a month with  ILs and once every week or two with my parents.  Although with my parents it was just usually me doing something with my mom like shopping.  Else it would be dinner maybe once a month with DH and them.

  • I live about an hour away from my family and see them every couple of weeks or so.
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    I live about an hour away from my family and see them every couple of weeks or so.


    My ILs live close (like 10 mins drive). We usually see them weekly.  




  • Our situation is unique, as my (step)mom has a licensed daycare and is Jack's DCP. And, my husband works for his dad, so he goes to their home/office for work. We have dinner with our families 1+ times a week (sometimes mine, sometimes his, sometimes both). I love it!
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  • My ILs are about 20 minutes away from us. We see my MIL at least once a week as she keeps LO for about 5 hours for us to have a break. We often see her twice a week. My FIL works out of town and comes home every couple of weeks... when he is town, we see them almost every day he is in town (usually over a weekend).

    Prior to having LO and when we were all still in FL, we saw them about once a month. We saw my parents about the same, unless my dad needed something.  

  • We live very close to both sides of our family. MIL watches our kids 1 day a week and my mom 1 afternoon a week. Outside of that we see each other usually 1 other time a week. If we dont I usually plan a reason or invite IL's to the park with us or something, sometimes just stop by to say hi. I should add we have a very outspoken toddler who specifically requests them so we really dont have a choice!

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  • We see my parents at least once a week, if not more (we live within a mile of each other). IL's live on the other side of town (15-minute drive via the interstate), and we see then MAYBE once a month. Not that I mind.

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  • kjskjskjskjs
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    We live about 30 minutes from my ILs but we see them about once every month and a half which is plenty for me. We are too busy and with DH's schedule we can't get together often.

    We live like 3 hours from my family and they come up about once a month to visit which I love!

  • We live 3 minutes from my parents and about 10 from my IL's. I see my parents probably every other day with DS. DH works long days now, so it takes a bit of pressure off me and DS can play with his cousins.

    We see IL's for sure every Sunday usually for lunch after church and some days in between. DH works on the farm which is located at their house so he sees them probably every day and I go when over once a week to see MIL and bring DS over. DH will bring him over sometimes too and I'll stay home.


  • My IL's live 1.8 miles away.  My MIL watches the baby on Thursdays and we see them at church on Sundays.  Summers get crazy but we like to have a family dinner a couple times a month.  My mom lives 10-15 min away and I see her maybe once a month.  totally different story her loss.  My sister is an hour away and we try and see her once a month at least.  My dad is the same...hour away once a month. 

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  • mnkatemnkate
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    My parents live about 20 mins away, we see them every other week. Sometimes more. 

    DHs Dad and SM live 30-40 minutes away, and we see them once every few months. DH will go golfing with his Dad once a month, but as far as LO (& me) seeing them, it's not often at all. 

    Our siblings all live within 20 minutes - we see them 1-2 times a month.  

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  • We live really close to both of our mothers. MIL watches the girls so I see her daily and we try to spend time with her outside of that once a month. We generally see one parent a weekend and since both of our parents are divorced and remarried that works out to about once a month. I wish we had more time to visit but our weekends are already packed. 

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  • hmp1hmp1
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    My parents live less than 2 miles from us. We see them once or twice a week. When Matt travels, I see them more since they usually come play with the boys while I make dinner and help with bedtime.

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  • We live within 10 miles of both my family and DHs family.

     With my family it kind of just happens. Sometimes its so hectic for both of us we see each other like once a month. Sometimes its 2 or 3 times a week.

    With DHs family I try to keep it to almost never or nonexistent. It works out to be like once every 6 months, maaaybe. 

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  • We live 2 miles from my mom and step dad and 1.5 miles from my dad. We see them all at least once a week. They drop by from time to time to drop off garden harvest or "pet the baby."

    We haven't really had to have the talk about them being too overbearing, but my mom and stepdad have demanding jobs and my dad has a lot of old retired guy activities.

    I realize this probably isn't helpful at all. Sorry.


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