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BH PPROM update

Today is a vast improvement from yesterday. Magnesium is not fun for mama even though it is good for baby. Contractions are under control, typically 1 or 2 an hour. I am still leaking fluid, but only a few drops a day. I was able to get both steroid shots and have been removed from all monitors etc. except for a saline IV. we wait. Hopefully he will stay put until 34 weeks, but she will not let me go past that point because the risk of infection would then outweigh the benefits of staying pregnant. She did say that 90 percent of mamas in my situation deliver within two weeks, so hopefully I am in that other 10 percent.

I am optimistic and am coming to terms with the NICU thing. My husband seems to be holding up well but he is still holding onto hope that the leak will reseal.

Thanks for your continued support and prayers!
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Re: BH PPROM update

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