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Dumb moment!

I was spinning circles between my dining room and kitchen trying to find the stupid baby monitor. I could hear it (because there is a fan in his room) but couldn't see it anywhere. And it was louder in the dining room than in the kitchen. Finally I complained to DH how I couldn't see the stupid thing, and he says, "that's because it's clipped to your back pocket" 

*face palm* 

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Re: Dumb moment!

  • Hahahahahaha!  One day as we were leaving the house, I said to DH - I need to go back in, I forgot my phone!".  He gave me a Look because the alarm is a pain to disarm and it takes forever to get in our out of the house.  Then I realized that I was holing it in my hand.  Oops.

  • Lol! I have looked for my lost cell phone while talking on it. Also have looked for my lost sunglasses that were on top of my head. You are not alone!
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  • Mommy brain!!! LOL
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