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Worth the "friendship"?

Hi Ladies,

I am 8 weeks pregnant with twins after a 5 year journey with infertility.  Of course, I am overjoyed beyond belief!!  While I am not completely naive to the risks I face, I have a friend who seems to want to keep focusing on the negative, talking about miscarriage and asking me things like, "Did your doctor say what the miscarriage rate is with twins?  Is it higher?". This friend is someone who I became friends with by default because she is married to my husband's friend.  They got married after us and she just gave birth to her third child.  I have never been jealous, just wanted respect as any friend would going through the pain of infertility.

We had a falling out for several months while she was pregnant this past time because she was seriously considering the name I'd told her many times I was saving for my baby one day.  Her reaction was that I needed to get over it, that I couldn't tell her what she could name her child.  Although she always claims to be such a good friend, in this case, there was no true compassion for what I have gone through or understanding of how much the name meant to me.  She said she didn't remember me telling her all those times...  Maybe she just doesn't listen.  I have many times felt the relationship was one-sided and she was just using me to be a busy body.  

I find it interesting that I got pregnant while our friendship was on hiatus. We just recently are back in each others lives.  But now I'm feeling her negative force on me again and am wondering whether I just need to call her out next time she starts up or if I am better off without her in my life altogether...


p.s. my husband can't stand her and doesn't think we should go out of our way anymore to be friends with them as they are so negative and toxic. 


Re: Worth the "friendship"?

  • I think you answered your own question in your ps... It seems to me that if you and your husband agree then it's time to put some distance between you. You have been through a lot and deserve to be happy about your pregnancy! If she is making you unhappy then don't talk to her. When you have to be in the same social situation b/c of the common group of friends steer the conversation away from your pregnancy. (BTW - twins are high risk but as far as i know the m/c rate is the same.) As far as the name goes, I actually think you both have a point. If you love the name then use it. It doesn't even sound like you are/will be close enough to these people to worry about it. Congratulations! H& H 9 months!
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  • Your answer is in your PS. Sorry you are dealing with this. Congrats and HH 9 mos!!


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  • I would follow your husbands lead & yes multiples can lead to a more challenging pregnancy but not for everyone & even those with complications can have happy endings :) best of luck & I hope it all goes great for you.
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  • I say keep your distance. You don't need the stress or aggravation. Just sit back and enjoy your pregnancy bc it is truly a blessing.

    And ditto PP. Multiples makes you a high risk pregnancy, but I don't think it changes the m/c rate. GL!!


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    Your answer is in your PS. Sorry you are dealing with this. Congrats and HH 9 mos!!

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  • Like PPs have said, you seem to have answered your own question.  When I run into a situation like this, I remind myself that friendships are supposed to bring us joy.  If you don't enjoy it, there's no point to it. 
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    Like PPs have said, you seem to have answered your own question.  When I run into a situation like this, I remind myself that friendships are supposed to bring us joy.  If you don't enjoy it, there's no point to it. 

    This! You will also find that once you have kids, it is easier to end friendships you don't enjoy. You will also make new friends with people that have similar aged kids or other multiple moms. Good luck! No need to officially tell her it is over, just fade away.  

    And congrats on your pregnancy! 

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    I totally think, as others have mentioned, that you've answered your own question.  If your DH doesn't even want to hang out with his friend (her husband) anymore, why would you waste your time with them? 

    If they are negative and/or don't really respect you as people, I say keep your distance and focus on other things, like the fact that you are doing great so far in your pregnancy!  Since there was never a really deep bond or connection with them, why waste time to foster a relationship that they act as if they don't even care about?  

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  • Cut her loose!

    Seriously, though, I would not make a point of "ending the friendship" or make big dramatics about it, but I would just slowly phase her out of my life as much as possible. If you see her in a social setting, be friendly and nice, but I would not make a point to be good friends with her.

    As for the name situation, I know how you feel as I had a coworker pretty much do the exact same thing to me...but, at the end of the day, no one owns a name and you can still use it if you want to.  Besides, if she isn't really in your life anymore, who cares if your kids have the same name?

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