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Anyone not do/not doing rice first?

Everyone around us is giving us grief because we decided not to start DS on rice or cereal. From what I read, it's not necessary to start with these. We waited until this past Monday and started sweet potatoes. Should we start cereal or rice? Or is this just something families like to put their opinion in on? My MIL thinks this is why DS is a terrible sleeper. But we don't give a bottle at bed time per se. I bf and use a sns at bedtime and DS doesn't even eat those two ounces from the sns.
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Re: Anyone not do/not doing rice first?

  • I made my own oatmeal cereal but only gave it a couple of times alone. DS wasn't impressed and much prefers the fruits and veggies. Sometimes I will mix banana in with it. Eating cereal and STTN are in no way related - that is just an OWT. I would do what you feel comfortable with ... and maybe remind your MIL how much the recommendations for eating have changed in the last 20-30 years! I know my family started asking when I was going to start giving DS water and rice cereal when he was like 8 weeks old!
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  • I did not really give cereal. She has had it probably 3 times. The only reason I did give it was to thicken up the pear pure I made. I think it's totally fine to skip it. IMO starting solids is a topic EVERYONE likes to have an opinion on. I like to hear the opinions then make a decision of what is going to work best for my LO. Your the mommy go with your gut.

  • We did oatmeal at like 5 months and she likes it just fine. So we do it for breakfast now. I have oatmeal for breakfast too so she is just like momma.
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    We're doing BLW and occasional organic pures. No rice cereal here.
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  • We skip the rice, it only seems to lead to constipation.  We do BLW as well so DD started when she grabbed the watermelon off my plate and started sucking on it.  It was followed by strawberry, plum, and apple.  She's also had lentil cakes, zucchini sticks and hummus.
  • We did rice cereal but DS doesn't really care for it and he's not a big fan of the oatmeal cereal either. He's starting to warm up to purees. His favorites so far are sweet potatoes. My mom convinced me to do cereal for sleep reasons and it did not work for us, so I believe now it is an OWT. Do what feels right Mama!
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  • The only benefit of rice cereal is it serves as an iron source, but you could get that elsewhere too. We tried fruits/veggies but dd ONLY wants brown rice cereal. Go figure.
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  • We do organic oatmeal mixed with pear juice to cut the constipation and breast milk. I mix it with a fruit in the am and do it alone and do a vegetable at night. Our ped wanted us doing it twice a day. And as for the wives tale, I notice that she sleeps a lot better if she eats well in the evening. I ebf and I think it helps fill her up a little.
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  • DD hasn't had rice yet. Oatmeal was the 6th or 7th food item she tried, I used Quaker whole oats, ground them and cooked them for her so we haven't used any of the fortified cereals.

    It's "just something families like to put their opinion in on" I started with avocado and my mom complained that it's too chunky for DD because I simply mashed it... someone always has something to say.

    Don't feel like you have to give rice. 

  • We've been mixing in spoon full of oatmeal with mashed banana or avocado (and a splash breastmilk).  DS is already demanding more spoonfuls if I take too long.

    But I agree with others, don't feel pressured to offer cereals.  It seems like the past 3 generations all were crazy about giving baby cereals, and my mom even thinks DS is thirsty all the time because I don't give him bottles of water (this was a big thing 20 years ago).  Just to keep her 'happy', I tell her he gets it in his sippy cup, which he does, he just doesn't really drink it (practicing).   

  • It is not necessary, we started with some oatmeal cereal so I could test his tongue thrust...now to finish the container he gets a little bit of it with his breakfast puree. Once it's gone, I won't buy any more. 

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  • I haven't done any cereal yet.  I don't know when I will, maybe after all the fruits and veggies and she's having 3 meals a day.  I don't think it's important.
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  • We started with foods much earlier, but did skip rice cereal. Now that DD's eating twice a day I do the oatmeal in the moring and druit/veggie late afternoon. I feel like she has a good balance with this. 
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