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Kenmore or Whirlpool?

Our washer died. We are looking on Craigslist at a used set. My question is there are two that we like. They are both top load and both "high end". The Kenmore is 5 years old and the whirlpool is 4. Both households upgraded to an HE. I have never owned a Kenmore so I know nothing of the brand. Help please :) I need your experiences/thoughts.
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Re: Kenmore or Whirlpool?

  • Kenmore elite and whirlpool are both reliable. They are actually the same company. I think Kenmore is slightly more reliable, as in less maintenance issues, nt to say whirlpool needs more. U should be fine with either, though. At my previous place a Kenmore elite was provided by my landlord and it was quite old, but we never had a problem with it.

    Maybe find the exact model number and research them that way and decide from there?

    FYI, at our new place I did a ton of research on washers and those were the two brands I narrowed it down to. Then after more research and recommendations of friends, I decided on a front loading LG with steam option. Last month there was a huge sale at I got 230 off list price. Love what we ended up with!
  • I used to work in a box store that sold appliances, and the good employees (ones who knew their stuff) said stay away from whirlpool.  It has been a couple years so they could be improved but if it is older I would stay away.  Also when I shopped several years ago I know Kenmore rated high with consumer reports.
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