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Opinion on 2 names

We haven't found out gender yet, and I'm falling in love with 2 names.

Wyatt Alexander


Gabriella Josephine

Hubby doesn't care for either first names but then again he didn't care for our oldest sons name at first too, Caleb. But now he absolutely loves it. Opinions or suggestions on both are welcome :

Re: Opinion on 2 names

  • I like Wyatt because of Charmed, ha ha. 

    And Alexander is just a nice sound name to me.

    Not a fan of Gabriella Josephine, together or separate. 

  • LOVE Gabriella Josephine. Wyatt is not my style, but it's a great name.

    Other boy options:
    William Alexander
    Gavin Alexander
    Reid Alexander
    Samuel Alexander
    Henry Alexander
    Philip Alexander
    Andrew Alexander

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  • They sound lovely to me.

    I'm silly like this, so I would want to know what the first letter of your last name is since wyatt has the potential of being WAG WAD WAM WAR WAP WAS WAT WAX (some I could live with, some I could not) 

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    I love the girl name.

    I personally just don't get the appeal of Wyatt.  I know it's fairly popular but it just screams "cowboy" to me.


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  • Wyatt Alexander - Thumbs up! Great name

    Gabriella Josephine seems a little too wordy to me...

    What about Gabriella Jo, or Josie? 

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  • Yea I agree lol last name starts with C so it would be WAC but that doesn't really bother me
  • I think both names are really nice. But I also think your H should love the names too!
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