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Plus size gals...

Is there anybody out there?

I'm a size 18-22 pre pregnancy, and am having the hardest time finding CUTE work clothes. I've exhausted every online resource, and am finding things that will fit, but nothing cute. I have to dress business casual in my office, and am recycling the same two pair of pants and a few of my pre pregnancy shirts every week.

Is there a secret place for finding clothes that are frumpy? Where is your favorite place to shop for maternity clothes? I'm thinking I may be able to get away with the larger sizes in non plus size maternity clothes for tops at least.

Thanks in advance!!!


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Re: Plus size gals...

  • I'm an 18 as well and I've found dresses are a God send right now and then Destination Maternity has some nice plus size shirts that are cute but kind of pricey. I caught the 4th of July sale so I got 4 for 100 and then the rest I do with dresses. I also found XXL on Old Navy and Target fit with room to spare and I'm very busty.

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  • I'm a 14/16. Maxi dresses have been my friend. Sears had a bunch on sale a couple weekends ago. I saw sizes xxl on the racks. When I was walking through the mall a few weeks ago, I saw that lane Bryant had a bunch of dresses and work type clothes. I didn't go in to see if they carried maternity or not. I just buy little sweaters to go over my dresses so I can still look nice at work. Oh! I bought a dress last weekend at Eddie Bauer for $19.99! I bought an XL and its big in the tummy area. Normally would have bought a L, but glad I bought the bigger size to accommodate the bump. And for lots of compliments on how nice I looked in it! Might try that! They had all sizes going up to XXL.

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  • Thanks for the tips girls. Looks likes I'm going to need to start wearing dresses!

    aessary, Lane Bryant apparently used to carry maternity, but they dont anymore.

    I'm going to hit up Target today and I just got an email for 30% off old navy, so maybe I'll do some online shopping!

    Thanks again!


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  • Target was my go-to. Also, Kohls for tops if you have one near you. The thing I liked about Target is that not only did they have tops that fit, they also had pants and skirts long enough. (Plus size and tall. Great combination. Confused)

    Like the others said, I wore a lot of maxi dresses, but they weren't maternity. I bought a couple at Kohls and a couple at ON that were stretchy. I balled my jacket up underneath to see if they would stretch enough and still look okay. Those dresses have also been great post partum. 

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  • I usually wear a size 16 and have found that Motherhood Maternity has a bunch of cute clothes for plus sized gals.

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  • I teach at the college level... so days I lectured I had to dress nicer than others!

    I wear a 22.  I didn't have to exclusively wear maternity clothes until third trimester. I lost 15-20 lbs by 20 weeks, and didn't gain much back until after 24 weeks.  

    I was able to wear at least 2 of my regular pants with bella bands until I was done lecturing!  I did buy one pair of dress pants from either motherhood or kohls online,  the quality wasn't great but they looked ok.  I also had 4-5 pair that a friend gave me,  and I think they were all either from motherhood or kohls.

      I was also able to wear some of my regular shirts for a while (had to retire some early b/c the cleavage was a little much!)    The shirts that fit the longest were Raefella brand from either Macy's or Lord & Taylor.  I also bought a few cute t-shirts from Land's End last summer (in both 2x & 3x) and had never returned the 3x.  I can still wear those, too!

    If there is a motherhood maternity outlet near you, I found a few cute tops there! And I bought a few tank tops & t-shirts from the Talbots outlet in a size up.  I've worn the tanks quite a bit.  

    And I second the dresses- I rarely wear them to work, but I have a couple of maxi dresses & two or three other dresses that I have worn since the weather got warmer!


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  • **lurking**

    (oops, I'm on my wife's computer and I posted under her bump name--this is philfemgal)

    I feel your pain.  I was a 22/24 pre-pregnancy and mostly got maternity stuff for work from JCPenney online and a couple of things from Motherhood.  I also luckily was able to do my regular pants with a bella band until almost the 3rd trimester. 

    My favorite two shirts to wear while pregnant actually, though, weren't maternity shirts at all.  I bought two tank top style empire waist shirts at old navy on clearance in my regular size (think something like this: and they were so flowy and long enough below the empire waist that they lasted me until my due date.

  • I got clothes from Old Navy and Motherhood has a small plus size section. My only complaint about motherhood, besides it being such a small selection is they are definitely on the spendier side. I also looked at Target. Good luck!
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  • My SIL is a plus size girl and she shops Old Navy maternity when she is pregnant, she loves their clothes so much she ordered me some when I was pregnant with DS1 and I really liked them as well. 
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  • I am living in dresses as well. I have found some and  dresses at goodwill and Ross's. I had a hard time finding anything plus size that was cute and not expensive. I skipped the maternity section and stuck to the maxi dresses and XXL dresses that can pass as maternity.
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  • I am a size 14/16 and I usually find good fitting clothes in Target or Khols. Old Navy also has some great stuff. I find Khols to be pricey but Target has some good clearance items. I have a very large chest (DD or DDD depending on the day) and that is what is hard to cover right now- the girls don't like being contained and they are NOT allowed to show sneak peaks at work :) haha! 

    GL finding some great clothes! 

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  • I went for larger size tops that I found at the thrift shop. I only own 3 maternity tops and at 39 w 2 d, I'm glad I didn't spend more money on them. 2 pairs of maternity pants and one pair of maternity shorts have been the best investments.
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  • I'm an 16-18  I bought some nice dress pants at Motherhood and some really cute shirts at Burlington (took a while to find them though). 

    Have you tried Forever 21 Plus? Sometimes they have some nice "flowy" dressier tops and they are pretty cheap. I do find you have to check often though because some of their styles are a bit strange to me. 

    I luckily wear scrubs to work, and am now on bed rest so I've been living in yoga pants.

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