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Jasper's birth story

Jasper Thomas arrived yesterday morning at 7:31, weighing 7lb 3oz and 20.5inches.

I started having contractions at 4:45 Friday morning and they continued steadily throughout the day. At 7 :45pm we were finally 511 and headed to the hospital. I was only 4cm, so we walked around for a bit, then I got a room and my antibiotics for gbs. By 11:30 I asked for an epi and was 5.5cm dilated. I labored much more comfortably until 4:30am. My water broke when the nurse checked me and I was 10cm but LO was still high so we let gravity work until 5am.
I pushed for a little over two hours. The doctor wasn't happy with my progress and said I could try for another half an hour. After that he used a vacuum and Jasper arrived a few minutes later at 7 :31am.

He's a sweetheart who is happy as long as he's being held and we're doing pretty well with breastfeeding.

Congratulations to the other new moms that I missed over the last day or so!



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