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WDYT? Too old or could be cute? I'll also add to the that my maiden name is thisclose to the last name of a very famous Priscilla. I'm really getting on a Latin name kick. If you had to pick between Priscilla and Persephone, which would you choose? I ask because I'm trying to keep girl names on our list to one per letter.

TTC #1 since 11/2012
Me-30, H-27
**Loss 1-Cycle 7(June 2013) at 5w6d-CP**Loss 2-Cycle 11(October 2013) at 5w4d-CP**
**Loss 3-Cycle 14 (January-February 2014)-M/C dx 2/10, EP dx 2/24, MTX 2/25**
Beta hell/Pituitary Gland gone wild March-June 2014. 1 cycle BCP to fix issue.
hCG down to 0 - 6/20/14
SA normal. Genetic testing normal. Hormonal testing normal.
Positive for lupus antibody/anticoagulant 6/23--retest in 12 weeks.
July 2014 Medicated Cycle #1(Clomid Challenge-100mg + TI) Responded well but TI Cancelled due to HSG results.
HSG 6/30/14 - found blocked left tube and 2 'bubbles' on uterine wall.
Hysteroscopy/Lap--8/4/14 - Tubes unblocked. Polyps removed from uterine wall. Septum removed.
Post-op follow up 8/26/14--I have a 'beautiful uterus.'
TTA until after 2nd lupus anticoag test 9/22. If positive will start aspirin and Heparin post BFP.
Benched for almost 40 weeks. TTC again 10/2014.

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