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spotting scare tmi too

So I am 6wks 4 days. Last night before bed I went to bathroom trying to go before bed to cut down on getting up in the middle of night. When I wiped and looked bad habit now and it was bright red!!!!
I have been trying to keep it together, it only happened once for the bright red. There has been some light brown since when I use the bathroom.
I am hoping it could be from constipation haven't gone as often past couple days. I go to doctor on 25th.
There hasnt been cramps or pain like my last MC hoping I am not again. Any similar stories with good outcomes would be great to hear.

Thank you in advance

Re: spotting scare tmi too

  • I haven't had red bleeding.. but, been having brown blood showing up. It scared me at first but I haven't had any cramping. With my first 2 losses I remember having those horrible cramps. I think if you have no cramps, you should be okay. Brown = old blood.. just try to take it easy. 

    Wish I could be more help, T&P to you!


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  • It could be that straining for a BM has irritated your cervix. I think you should take it easy today and call your doctor tomorrow just for some reassurance.  T&P headed your way!

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  • I definitely second the advice of PPs to take it easy and rest today, making sure that you drink plenty of water. With this pregnancy, I had brown spotting for about 3 days in week 5, then a few swipes of pink/red followed by more brown at the start of week 6. Both times, my RE brought me in for ultrasounds; both times, we saw a strong heartbeat. I'm now 10w3d and haven't had any spotting in quite a while, but I'm still cautious about listening to my body, getting off my feet regularly, and making sure I always have a glass of water next to me. Hoping rest is all you need!

    ETA: There's definitely nothing TMI about your post--this is a pregnancy message board! 


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  • Hopefully it is just hemorrhoids it irritation. You hadn't had sex recently, had you? I had spotting, but I was losing one twin. My little one who stayed is super sticky and now doesn't want to come out! Good luck and lots of prayers it is nothing.
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