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Sad just thinking about it

I was just thinking how my brother's wife is pregnant. I miss my LO so so bad. I don't know how I can be happy for her at all when I wish I could be holding my child. This is so hard. I don't even want to see the baby or hold it. I know all it will do is eat away at me. Very sad and feeling guilty and selfish at this point. :'(
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Re: Sad just thinking about it

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    I feel exactly the same way about my sisterinlaw's pregnancy. You're not alone. I know it will be especially hard for me next week when we get together with the extended family and everyone will be commenting on how big she's getting. I just pray nobody asks me the dreaded "so when are you guys going to have a baby?" Question. Thoughts and prayers to you. Maybe when your niece or nephew is born you will fall in love.
  • I know its incredibly hard, i myself am going through a similar situation. My cousins girlfriend is pregnant and baby is due only 2 days after mine would have been. Although we arent that close,  i still see all the updates on FB and will have to see them at family gatherings. The way i get through it is to remind myself that the two instances arent related and although i can be sad for myself, i can still be happy for my cousin. So thats what i choose to be. Hope in time your able to do that as well

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  • Huge Hugs!

    It's very normal to think and feel this way. You're not alone, and never feel bad about what you're thinking or feeling. They are your thoughts and you no one who has gone thought this will judge you for them.

    "Love is what makes pain bearable." - I love you my Angels. 
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  • My SIL and I were due just weeks apart. She is still pregnant and I am not. They found out a few weeks ago that they are having a boy and I wondered how it would feel. I feel sure that I was going to have a girl. I was talking to my MIL about this and that it might be hard for me when they have their baby. She seems certain that by then I will be pregnant again. I hope she is right because I am just dreading their due date.  

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  • I am so sorry for your loss.  Please don't blame yourself for feeling the way you do -- those feelings are completely normal.  You have a right to feel and to grieve the way you want to.  Sending lots of internet hugs your way...
  • Thank you so much for the love. I hope one day I will be able to feel love for this baby.
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