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Breathable Bumpers XP

I know traditional bumpers are not sleep safe, but has anyone tried the breathable bumpers on their cribs? My DD is getting her leg stuck every once and awhile during naps/sleep at night. Not sure what to do. I don't know if these are even safe to put on her crib because they don't go under the mattress. Anyone know if they have been safety tested? Any thoughts would be great. Thanks!

Re: Breathable Bumpers XP

  • We've been using them since DS started to roll.  I'd wake up to hear him screaming and see a little arm or leg sticking out between the bars.  As far as I know they're sleep safe and we haven't had any problems.  I've put my face up against them and you can definitely breathe through them.

  • My pedi says don't bother, your LO will soon learn to untangle himself/herself.
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  • Love the breathable bumper. It's very well made. Our LO was constantly banging her head on the rails, so we finally decided to buy one. It's very breathable! I would Definetly get one.
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  • We are using them.  DD tends to get her legs (up to the thigh) between the slats and cries because she literally cannot move to get them out.
  • We have them too. I've never caught her with her face against them either.
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  • We have been using them for awhile now because DD rolls in her crib so much. I like them, and they also provide a little cushion when she scoots her head up right against the crib. Every couple days I just tug them down a little so they stay snug against the crib wall and mattress. 
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  • We didn't get one for my son- I was a nervous first time mom, haha.  I was constantly getting a leg or arm stuck and then once he learned how to untangle himself he was always knocking his paci out of the crib and then crying about that.  We decided to get a breathable bumper for our daughter, which has been working great!
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  • LolaJrLolaJr
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    I posted about this a few weeks ago. I order the Breathable Baby brand from amazon. They work really well and I believe they are safe. I planned on waiting it out as I assumed LO would learn to pull his legs back, but we're in the middle of the big sleep regression right now and I figured for $25 I'd try anything for even a couple extra minutes of sleep!
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  • We have one and I really like it! 
  • There's another option! Wonder Bumpers zip up over each crib rail and provide padding and excellent air flow. I love mine, they keep my LO from bumping her head and getting her arms and legs stuck. They are cuter and safer than the mesh ones because they can't scrunch down. You can find them at www.gomamagodesigns.com!
  • My pedi says don't bother, your LO will soon learn to untangle himself/herself.
    Or not. Especially when they are stuck and it hurts.
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  • We got them for DD1 because her pacifier kept falling out of the crib and we had to go into her room 10000x / night to pick it up off the ground (first searching around trying to figure out what side it fell out on). The breathable bumper solved that problem.

    With DD2 we got one pretty much right away. I like them. Our girls haven't ever had problems with getting limbs stuck, for us it was more about them not dropping things out of the crib or, for DD2, the nightlight was about at her eye level, so the breathable bumper also keeps it from shining directly in her eyes.

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  • I put them on this week.  LO was getting stuck and we are dealing with the rolling.  I only need one problem at a time!

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