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Insanity & Weight Loss?

Hello - DD is 9 weeks old, and I have just completed my first month of Insanity. I am no longer breastfeeding (as of about two weeks ago) and have lost a total of 20 (out of 35) pounds from my pregnancy. I was 150 pre pregnancy and I currently weigh 161-163. However, although I can tell my overall physical ability has improved since starting Insanity, and my before and mid (31/63 days) pictures show some change, my weight loss has stalled. I am doing Insanity in conjunction with weight watchers and the meal plan that came with the Insanity program, although I don't follow their menu to the T every day I try to stick with it the best I can. Has anyone who completed the program post partum had these same results (stalled weight loss) with an end result that they expected? I had originally thought that with weight watchers and Insanity, by now the baby weight would be gone and I would be working towards the 15 pounds I want to loose next, but I am wondering if maybe my expectations were to high ...
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Re: Insanity & Weight Loss?

  • Congrats on finishing month 1...Insanity is hard!  I too had finished month 1 but then found out I was pregnant with number 3 so never completed the program.  I like you lost weight but from what I hear month 2 is where the big results really happen.  Keep in mind you may have to do the program more than once to get your desired look.  We lose a lot of muscle mass while pregnant and it may take 2 rounds to get where you want to be.  Also if you do the program again you will be able to push even harder which in turn will get you better results.  Good luck!!
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  • Congrats! Insanity is hard- I did insanity right after I got the okay to exercise after having my baby in Feb. I lost 33 pounds in 2 months. I am now doing T-25 and have signed up to be a beachbody coach, because I am seeing great results. I am losing about 3 pounds a week, on my third week. A big thing beachbody will tell you is the % of carbs, fats and protein you are eating, are you tracking your calories? My fitness pal is a great, free tool, it can tell you the % of each group as you enter in your meals. If you have any questions I am happy to help!
  • Congrats on finishing your first month of Insanity! That program is no joke! I'm also a beachbody coach and one of the biggest things that happens with programs like Insanity is that people don't eat enough and that is why they don't see the results they want. If you haven't already do the calculation to get your daily calorie intact, you can find it in the info booklet that comes with the program. I know you said you were following the basic meal plan, but each person will have a different calorie number to hit so you might need to eat a little more. :)
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