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Introducing formula

I have been EPing and LO was exclusively fed breastmilk until a couple weeks ago. We are in the process of introducing formula and LO is not a huge fan. We tried starting with half formula and that didn't work so we have been doing 4 ounces to 1.5 of formula. Any tips from others out there that have made the switch? What formula do you use?

Thanks everyone for any tips.
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Re: Introducing formula

  • DD hasn't had formula, but I supplemented with DS. He hated any that had extra iron, wouldn't touch it. He liked Gerber and I think nestle. Does Nestl make one? Try the Gerber one.

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  • I just switched to formula, he went from only having breast milk to the similac regular formula. Right away he would drink a whole bottle of just formula. So similac worked great for us
  • We started to supplement and she took to Gerber Gentle formula right away.
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  • We are in the middle of transitioning ourselves. We are using the blue Similac. We are doing about 1/2 and 1/2. K is doing good with it. She is a trooper.
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  • Sounds like I just have a picky baby on my hands. She would not even eat the half and half mixture. We tried the enfamil AR, but we are definitely going to try something else.
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  • I've been supplementing one bottle a day with Similac Sensitive Formula.
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  • image JessAnnJ:
    Sounds like I just have a picky baby on my hands. She would not even eat the half and half mixture. We tried the enfamil AR, but we are definitely going to try something else.

    We're in the same spot actually. FWIW, DD hated the Enfamil AR but really likes the normal yellow Enfamil infant one. I don't think either smell good exactly, but did notice that they smell different, so I'm guessing they taste different too?



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  • BBS!BBS!
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    Took a while to get our little one to take formula. Similac advanced is what finally took. We just kept waiting til he was hungry and offering it. He likes his expressed milk cold so we made sure it was nice and cold when offering it.
  • I have recently been in this situation. DS is 8 1/2 months old. The only way I was able to get DS to drink formula is to add a little bit of juice. At the beginning it was almost half formula half juice but now it is 4 1/2 ounces of water a little over two scoops of formula and about 1/2 an ounce of juice. I finally got him to drink formula about three weeks ago. Just a tip at the beginning just make a little at a time so you aren't having to through out an entire bottle. Also try different positions. I got DS to drink the formula by giving it to him while I am changing him. I would let him air out while he drank the bottle. I played with his feet and talked to him to distract him at first so he would start to drink it without realizing it. At first he wouldn't drink it if I was holding him, today was the first day he has let me hold him while he drinks the formula. Also ask your pediatrician if they have formula to sample so you don't have to buy a ton to see which one she might take. DS likes his bottles now. He gets excited when I start making them. Oh and he only likes them cold. I use cold water out of the frige and cold juice so that might also be something to try. Hope this helps. Good luck.
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