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Pregnant or Delusional?

Hey everyone, I just wanted to know if my symptoms are even worth testing for...

My husband and I had unprotected sex 4 weeks ago, the day before AF, and 1 week later in I was having sharp pains on my left lower abdomen for about a day and a half, a week later I got extremely drunk violently ill after 1 drink, and since then my stomach has been extremely sensitive, I had very frequent hot flashes for about 4 days, my appetite has decreased, and just the past couple of days my breasts have felt larger I've been very irritable, which could be AF related. Just today I feel what could be described as pressure on my lower abdomen and I am feeling more tired than usual but I don't know if it's just in my head. It's still early and I've taken 3 tests which were all BFN, but I'm really hoping I eventually get a BFP, I just want to make sure I'm not being delusional by thinking I'm pregnant!

Do the symptoms in that timeline seem legitimate? Or am I just maybe being too optimistic?

Thanks so much!


Re: Pregnant or Delusional?

  • The timing doesn't seem quite right, not "textbook". Because you typically wouldnt ovulate the day before your period. I would wait until you've missed your period before testing again. Be patient. :-)
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  • the timing isn't right.  have you had unprotected sex since your last AF?
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  • If it was truly a period you can't be pregnant because the lining of your uterus would have been shed and unable to sustain a pregnancy.
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  • Timeline doesn't seem right. The chances of getting pregnant the day before AF are very low. Have you had unprotected sex since? Ovulation usually occurs about two weeks after the first day of AF. Also, when are you expecting your period? With most tests at the drug store, you can get a bfp 5 days before your missed period, with pretty good accuracy.
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  • I agree that the timing doesn't sound right...but if you're worried, why not just take a pregnancy test?   I mean, don't take this the wrong way, but I don't have a crystal ball that lets me see into your uterus :-)   I know of people who have had babies conceived under weirder circumstances, so anything's possible.  If you're wondering, then just take a test, then you'll know for sure. 

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  • Its always worth testing. If anything, it clears your mind of worry. :)



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  • I agree that the timin isn't right. But also some of the symptoms you are describing don't sound like early pg symptoms. Abdominal pressure isn't something you feel early on and I have never heard of increased sensitivity to alcohol.

    I would recommend testing once a week until AF and if nothing in 60 days call your dr. If you are TTC check out the newbie link on the Trying to Get Pregnant board. It has tons of useful info.

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  • image wedding06:
    I agree that the timin isn't right. But also some of the symptoms you are describing don't sound like early pg symptoms. Abdominal pressure isn't something you feel early on and I have never heard of increased sensitivity to alcohol.

    I agree with all of this.

    re: timing...assuming you have a standard 14 day cycle, then you ovulate around day 13-14. Sperm can live for a maximum of 6 days. If you had sex the day before you had your period (which is day 1), then the sperm would have died by day 5, long before you ovulated on day 13-14.  So I would say that unless you had unprotected sex again, about 1-1.5 weeks after the time you told us, then no, I don't think you could be pregnant.  Again, all of this is assuming certain things about your cycle.



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  • Can I answer with Delusional?

    Delusional for 2000 Alex.

    Also, I'm just waiting for the butthurt freakout. It seems to be in the water lately.

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  • Hey guys, got my bfp today!! 4 days late for my period, the last time we had sex was the day before my last period, crazier things have happened I suppose! :x
  • Oh and to anyone else who reads this post, the doc told me low alcohol tolerance is uncommon but it's an absolute sign, and as for abdominal pressure, also very common because your ligaments are stretching, so if anyone on here tells you that they aren't symptoms, they are!
  • I'm curious who else you had sex with since you are only 2 weeks removed from the sex that got you pregnant if your tests were negative recently and you claim to not have slept with your husband for the last 4 weeks.

    If your test was negative 5 days ago you were not pregnant 4 weeks ago. Physically impossible and if your doctor tells you otherwise, they are an idiot. Then again, it sounds like they would be a good match for you.


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  • Jkdelaney said:
    Hey guys, got my bfp today!! 4 days late for my period, the last time we had sex was the day before my last period, crazier things have happened I suppose! :x
    Congratulations to you and your family!!!  :-)
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  • Hi, I'm feeling a bit delusional myself. =( We got married May 4th of this year.  In the entire 13 years that I have had a menstrual cycle, I have never had any bleeding between periods whatsoever or had any other abnormalities besides being a day or 2 early or late here and there, maybe 3 or 4 times my whole life. Extremely consistent! I've been on birth control since April. Every month on birth control, my period has been 2-4 days late. The first 2 months on the birth control left me feeling sick every single day, even vomiting on a rare occasion. Now June and July I haven't had the nausea issue with the BC so I assume my body has acclimated to the pill.

    This month however, I've had some abnormalities for the first time. I started my last menstrual cycle June 28, and was expecting my period to begin July 25 (yesterday) if it began on time instead of late. July 2, 4, 5, and 8 my husband and I did the deed. On July 13th, I began to have some weird spotting, very light and brownish colored. That lasted for 3 days. 6 of the last 13 days I have taken a nap, which I never do, because I have been so exhausted. I have had a ton of headaches, been peeing almost every hour or hour and a half, sometimes even more often...as in I can't even sleep through the night. I've been having weird dreams about being pregnant or going into labor. My mood swings would give somebody whiplash (and I'm one of those happy-go-lucky types that never is in a bad mood and always smiles). As cliche as it is, I hate pickles but I have been craving them...and strawberry Twizzlers with plain M&Ms...a LOT. My husband has commented that my boobs look bigger on several occasions now, and they're REALLY tender and sometimes just plain hurt without anyone or anything touching them. I'm bloated up like a blimp. Every morning for almost a week now, I have been experiencing some nausea and lightheadedness that starts at 9:00AM, give or take about 15 minutes, every single day. The nausea comes whether I eat or not, whether I took birth control the night before or not (since the first couple days of this were the last few days of my birth control pack), whether I take vitamins or not that morning, no matter what time I start my day (I've had to be at work at 6AM twice this week and the nausea still didn't hit until 9), or any other extenuating factor. I even have this odd stretching kind of feeling inside...it's not painful, it's not a cramp...it feels like stretching a muscle. And aside from all of that, I just flat out FEEL pregnant! Seriously enough that I've started taking prenatal vitamins daily and cutting down my caffeine intake just in case.

    Now, the 23rd, 2 days before I expected Aunt Flo, I started that weird spotting again, same thing--very light and a brownish color to it. That stopped today. There was never a "real" period. Just the light, brown spotting.

    I have taken 3 of those cheap pregnancy tests, the cassettes where you pee in a cup then put drops on it to test. They were all negative. One the day before the missed period, one the day of, and one this morning, all using the first morning urine.

    Should I keep spending money on tests? Or buy a better one lol? If I'm not pregnant, something is seriously jacked up with my body! We're not trying for a baby and weren't planning on trying for at least a year or two, but if we're having a baby, we want to know! 

    Anybody have some advice? I know that's a lot of info, probably more than anyone wanted. I'm just freaking out a little wondering what's wrong with me. =(

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