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pregnant before pp period??

Did any of you get pregnant again before you had your first postpartum period? I'm breastfeeding (4 times a day) and just stopped my birth control but am having PMS/pregnancy symptoms. So while I patiently wait until I can go to the store or until I start my period I am asking about others' experiences.
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Re: pregnant before pp period??

  • Nope. I had one period before getting pregnant again. I had to completely wean to get my period.

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  • I had one pp period before getting pregnant with my 2nd. 6 months pp. No birth control.

    I took birth control between numbers two and three. I got pregnant the third cycle after stopping the birth control, 9 months pp.

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  • I had 2 pp periods before getting pg again. I know a few people who got pg without ever seeing a pp period though.
  • I EBF around the clock. We have 2-3 night time feeds still and I got pregnant without having a pp period.

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  • <--- It happened to this girl

    AF came back at 11 months pp after I had DD1. I knew something was off when there was no sign of her when DD2 turned 13 months. That and the fact she had suddenly weaned herself.

    So yeah, it definitely can happen. 

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  • laura1laura1
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    Yup - I weaned DS without ever getting AF while BFing, 2 weeks after my last BFing session DH and I went to an out of town wedding alone.  2 weeks after that, my AF still hadn't shown, so I took a test - BFP.  And I had fertility issues with #1.  I didn't really have any pg symptoms more than regular PMS symptoms either.  It can totally happen!  
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  • I had a few cycles before getting pg with #2. We were still BFing at the time, but he had just night weaned reliably.
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  • Yes, between 1 and 2 I didn't have a period and got pg around 11ish weeks pp? I don't know, I can't remember exactly and I'm too tired to do the math. :P
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  • In women of typical fertility, it is ovulation that in essence causes a period. The hormones that release the egg taper off and if HCG isn't being produced to indicate pregnancy, then your body releases estrogen that starts your period. Therefore, even if PP women who haven't had a period, the egg is released prior to the first period.

    PP's have good experience with this , but I don't. My AF stubbornly shows up at 6 weeks pp, regardless of me EBFing. 


  • My pp period came back when DD1 was 9 months and I was still BFing and pumping 1x/day.  I got pregnant that first cycle.  With DS2 my pp period came back at 10months, still BFing and pumping 1x/day.
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  • ebp913ebp913
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    I got pregnant before my first period.  In fact I still haven't had one since before DD was conceived so it's been like 2.5 years! 

    When I got pregnant with DS I was still EBF but she was STTN.  She quit nursing a month later.  

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  • image codeaard:
    I EBF around the clock. We have 2-3 night time feeds still and I got pregnant without having a pp period.

    This was me too. 

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  • I did not get a period between my two kids - it can totally happen!  I, too, haven't had a period in over 2 1/2 years!

    I was still nursing DD and my milk supply decreased so that is why I took a test - pregnant without a period!

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  • Yep. My last period was sometime in 2011. I got pregnant exactly 2 weeks after I stopped breastfeeding (6 months). 
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  • I got pregnant (m/c) when S was 9 months old, before my period returned, while still BF. So, it can happen.
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  • Yes. I was exclusively BFing my daughter and basically 10 wks after dd1 was born I got pregnant again. No pp period. In fact I only had light pp bleeding that ended around the 2nd wk. same with dd2 so yes. It happens and quite often in my circle.
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  • I did! I stopped breast-feeding my son at three months and when he was four months old I found out that I was pregnant. I had no cycle, no ovulation signs, and I was taking ovulation test strips once per day and never got a positive. She ended up being a very complicated pregnancy with severe IUGR, And we were told to terminate at 20 weeks because of having no fluid and positive tests for Neural tube defects, but she is here and she is healthy, she is a true miracle, And she was meant to be here!
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  • I was breast feeding and got pregnant when DD was 7 months, no pp period.
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