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Sunscreen question

I apologize if this has already been asked/answered. I'll probably call the pediatrician on Monday, but in the meantime, what sunscreens do you guys recommend? LO is closing in on three months and I've started taking him for morning or afternoon walks in the jogging stroller when it's not too hot. I keep most of the sun blocked out with the shade that's on it, but I don't want him to get burned. I got some babyganics sunscreen in a gift basket. Is that ok to use at this age? Also, we are going to visit my parents in August and my mom has a saltwater pool. Do you think it would be ok to take him for a little dip in the evening when the sun is setting? I have a little swim shirt and short set and a hat and of course if put sunscreen on him. I don't mean like let him float around on a float or anything, just like sit on the step with him in my lap or something. He is already holding his head up really well and he loves the water, I think he'd probably enjoy it. Tia! Sorry so long!

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