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Anyone know when my signature will update?

Our neighbors just announced that they are pregnant. So happy for them and excited that our DD will have a playmate nearby close to her age.

A friend was supposed to visit today. So glad she cancelled so I don't have to get dressed. I am staying in bed with DD for the rest of the day.

I breastfed in public for the first time yesterday. ::mobile smiley::


Re: Weekend Randoms

  • Good job mama!!! I like that cover!!
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  • AchaeAchae
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    My in laws are visiting and baby is pretty fussy. She just wants boob. No naps, just mama. Not sure if its a growth spurt or overstimulated but I'd like a break too!
  • Great cover. I've yet to feed in public.
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  • I've fed in Public: it feels great to be able to feed this free and feel comfortable. Good for you momma! Not doing anything special today! Just chillin with my LO on the couch!
  • You look great! We just got back from Charlotte about 30 mins ago. Nothing major going on here except my oldest daughter has ODP soccer camp starting tomorrow. LO has hit her 3 week fussy faze but otherwise she's great!
  • Nix55Nix55
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    Cute cover. I made the mistake of thinking I had enough time to paint my nails while LO was napping. She woke up just as I was applying the top coat. Now I'm sitting in front of her swing trying to entertain her, so my nails can dry. I know if I pick her up my nails will be annihilated. Eek!!
  • Making devil's food cookies today to take to the nurses that cared for us...who probably don't remember us by now!
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  • I can't believe my LO is already 10 days old!! He is already too big for most of his NB clothes, but at least he had a chance to wear some of the cute little outfits at least once.  I am going to have to find a friend to pass those along to.

    We had friends over today - two couples each with their little kids.  It was so fun to have a living room full of little kids (at least for a little while).  It was sort of a glimpse into the future.   

    We have so much food in the fridge from super generous people, but I'm starting to worry we won't get it all eaten before it goes bad!

     I am so glad this New England heat wave is supposed to break tonight.  I feel like we've been trapped in the house because of the super high temps all week.  I am excited to go out for a short walk and some fresh air. 

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  • Some out of town family are staying with my grandma and planned to visit today. LO hit her two week growth spurt and kept me up all night last night. As much as I want to see them, I was sooooo relieved when they called to say they are coming tomorrow instead. This is mostly because my grandma plans to tag along, and she is kind of an attention whore. I would not have been able to resist throwing things at her head.... Esp since she could see LO any other time.
  • jefkjefk
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    I went out to Wegmans this afternoon and while I was there the power went out!  I just so happened to be in the booze section, which at my store is sectioned off with these decorative iron gates.  When the lights went out, the closed the gates and said that nobody gets in or out - it was kind of freaky.  
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