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Short LP?

I figured this was the right board for this question. I have short cycles, 24/25 days... I O on day 12. Is 2 weeks long enough? I'm afraid it's not long enough...but could be just my mind worrying for no reason.

 This month I spotted for 2 days ( brown) before getting it and stupidly got my hopes up that it was implantation bleeding... Ha. But then on CD24 it came like a bat out of hell. :( 


anyone here have short cycles?  

Re: Short LP?

  • I have 25 to 26 day cycles. When we first started seeing an RE I'd O around cd14 and have 11 day LP. My progesterone at 7dpo was 8. So I was given supplements but I still even on supps have only a 12 or 13 day LP.

    Have you been trying for a year? Have you had your P4 tested at 7dpo? I'd start there first before you start to worry too much as I. was told my LP length was ok, it was more my progesterone level that was the concern.

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  • DH has retrograde ejaculation so we had been off BFP for 3 years and only since known his issue 3 months ago. He has to take Sudafed in order to ***. I'm not too worried yet but I know this can take time. If nothing happens soon we will get another SA done and check my P levels too as you suggested. Just to be sure I'm alright too. I hope I'm ok since he has a serious issue. 


    Thanks for the reply :) 

  • I have an average cycle of 25 days with an 11 day LP. Anything from 10 to 16 is considered a normal LP.
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  • image RunCC37:
    I have an average cycle of 25 days with an 11 day LP. Anything from 10 to 16 is considered a normal LP.

    Yup, this exactly. Though having an LP on the shorter side can make it a bit more difficult because there is less time for solid implantation, 11 days is not considered a 'problem' by itself. 

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