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Do you let LO eat peanuts?

Alex recently discovered peanuts and absolutely loves them! I am not usually concerned when he eats, because he has never choked and does a great job with chewing first etc., but those peanuts freak me out for some reason. I usually only let him eat half a peanut and watch him like a hawk. 

Do your LO's eat peanuts? How do I get over the fear that he will choke on one? Those things are hard! 

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Re: Do you let LO eat peanuts?

  • I let her eat nuts that are in things like almonds in my chicken casserole but I haven't given her a whole nut yet.

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  • We've been giving peanuts and other nuts for a while now... Months - maybe 3+ at this point??

    We have no nut allergies on either side of the family.
    I've never felt she'd choke after watching her this long.  I'd just halve them and make sure you watch him for as long as it takes you to feel comfortable.

    Her favorites are almonds and cashews.  She absolutely hates pecans (which were just offered for the first time this past week) though; they are spit out immediately.

    Nuts are probably her most requested snack at this point.  She'll knock on the pantry door and repeatedly say, "Nuts?  Nuts?  Nuts?"

    My big thing, as far as choking, is popcorn... She won't have any of that for a long time.


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    E has not had nuts yet. Because of her allergic reactions, we have limited some of the more allergy prone foods.

    Honestly I would be a bit hesitant to give nuts, but I am overly paranoid about foods. DH on the other hand would have no problem giving her some to try.



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  • I haven't, but I don't usually have them in the house. I think I'd give them to DS, but halved with very careful supervision.

    He gets hives from tree nuts, but hasn't had a problem with peanut butter so he would probably be fine with them.


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  • Yes, I give them to him chopped up, or at least in halves.

  • Yep. DS likes them. I only give him a few at a time though. 

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  • LO eats peanuts quite often.  Actually most types of nuts he eats with no problem.

    I also give popcorn on a regular basis.  He loves it and thinks it's fun to watch it pop.

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  • image ccip82:
    Honestly I would be a bit hesitant to give nuts, but I am overly paranoid about foods. DH on the other hand would have no problem giving her some to try.

    This is how we are too.  I'm the one who is paranoid and DH doesn't even think about it--he gives DS popcorn, potato chips, etc.  Of course, DS has done really well with pretty much everything DH gives him so maybe I should relax a little bit.

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