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Baby BFing Slang

What will you call nursing when your LO is old enough to ask for it? Or for those of you with older LO's, what word have you used?

I ask because some moms I know use the term "booboos", but I wonder if that might confuse them if someone is asking if they have a booboo, such as a cut or bruise. Anyone have anything different?

Re: Baby BFing Slang

  • I have no idea. I honestly never even thought about it. I guess I figured I wouldn't make it that far. Hopefully I'm just pumping and he will just use a cup.
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  • Oh I hadn't thought of that. I'd probably just say milk or mummy's milk.
  • I agree with old enough to ask, old enough to wean.
    Our nephew BF till he was over 2 years old and asked for "mommies" when he wanted to nurse. He saw DH without a shirt on one day and said "uncle's mommies."
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  • Not so much when they can ask for it themselves, but around 6 to 8 months or so when they can understand words and get excited about them.

    My MIL calls it ninny and I'm not down with that one.
  • I always just called it momma milk, and my 2 yr old still calls it that.  I may change that for LO.  Maybe 'nursies'

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  • I BF DD until 1yr old. I would ask if she would want "milks". She'd give out this little laugh that sounded like an addict getting what they want I'm so mean. Sometime I didn't even have to ask, especially when out, I just pull out my cover or start pulling out my shirt and she'd get soo excited, lol! I plan to do the same thing with LO.
  • A mom in the bfing group I went to called them baybows. Sounds better when it's said aloud.

    However, I have a gut feeling mine will be weaned by then.
  • image Shantxtell:
    I'm in the " old enough to ask, old enough to wean camp."
    Although I also said I would never bed share and I wanted another baby right away here I am bedsharing and on BC.
    Yeah, tell that to my DD. she calls it "moo moos". Comes from when she was old enough to ask but couldn't say "more" properly so she would say "moe, moe." Then it morphed.
    Our cycle 12 sweepea was born at 34w 3d!
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  • With DS1 we called it "the nip nip" because we thought it was funny, luckily he stopped nursing before he could talk because that would have been embarrassing. This time we just call it nursing and I think we will stick with that.
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