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What you have to look forward to.

The infant stage is SO hard. Very demanding. I didn't know any different as a FTM so those early weeks and months were very rough for me. The second time around its still hard, of course, but my perspective is different because I know what to look forward to.

This morning we had the grandparents come to take care of DS, the infant, while my H and I took DD, the 2 yr old, to our local fair. She is potty trained so no diapers, we didn't even bring a stroller, and obviously she eats whatever we do so no bottles to lug around. We went on a bunch of rides and she loved the Carosel. Even gave her horse a kiss goodbye at the end of her ride. She's at a really fun age right now.

The early weeks and months are super demanding but think of it as laying the foundations for a happy, healthy child. The rewards are coming. They get more interactive, they sleep longer, they will walk and talk and be done with diapers eventually. They will feed themselves. They will hug you and kiss you back and tell you spontaneously, "I love you" and your heart will swell. They will be amazingly funny, sweet actual little people sooner rather than later.

So hang in there, mamas. This is all worth it.

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Re: What you have to look forward to.

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