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Help with Gas

Anyone have any tips for hekping soothe babys gas? I feel so bad, I want to help her. I've tried gas drops, but it doesn't seem to help. I bought the babies r us brand because it's all they had, so maybe I'll get a brand name. Not sure, if that's all I can do to help relieve gas pain. She's 5 weeks old on Monday. Any advice would be great! Thanks, girls!

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  • Colic Calm worked well for my LO.

    Are you BFing or FFing? With formula, sometimes changing the formula can help. If breastfeeding, sometimes changing your diet can help.

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  • Her body will figure out eventually, but for me it did help when I finally adjusted amounts of certain foods in my diet (if you are ebf).  Or maybe it's just that he's finally over 8 weeks old? And I am adjusting my diet for nothing!  




  • Gripe water, mommys bliss really helped our LO. I doubt BRU brand or a different brand would make a difference of gas drops. He sort of grew out of it around 7 weeks. Still issues here and there but nothing like all day like it was. 
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  • Thanks for all of your advice! I breast amd formula feed. I don't produce enough milk to soley bf, so I have to supplement as well. That may have something to do with it. I'm going to switch formulas and my diet and see how that works. Thanks ladies, I really appreciate it!
  • We are having the same problem. Holding her in the 'football' position instantly calms her when it's bad. It's horrible to watch her be in pain and really nothing we can do about it. I read today to premake bottles and put them in the fridge so the air has time to work it's way out, I'm trying that today. The pedi switched her formula to Similac Alimentum. She was also having lactose intolerance symptoms. I've heard that Enfamil gentlease helps with gas. I've researched so much and talked to the pedi about the gas and pretty much they just have to figure out how to pass it, once their body is more developed it will be better.
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    My LO had bad gas too. Maybe switch formulas and make sure to burp LO good after each feeding. It got much better at around 7 weeks.
    Oh, and try dr browns bottles. Pita to clean but worth it!

  • Our pedi showed me a hold that works every time.  Have lo's back face your belly, put one arm under the legs and the other across their belly.  Walk and bounce.  This has pulled her out of screaming fits that gas drops, burping, more nursing...nothing else could stop.

  • I use gas drops before feedings and then if he is still fussy after a while, I use mommy bliss gripe water. I use colic calm at night. Seems to be helping us and made a big difference. I originally switched him to enfamil gentlease and it made it so much worse! He was screaming and couldn't have a bowel movement. So bad we took him to the dr and switched back to enfamil infant.
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