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Where do stay at home moms socialize in the city?

I am a new stay at home mom living in Chicago and I am wondering where stay at home moms go during the day to socialize?  I would enjoy meeting other moms to interact with and socialize with.  Any thoughts?  

Re: Where do stay at home moms socialize in the city?

  • One of the best ways that I have met new moms was through playgroups and storytimes. Our church hosts a playgroup during the colder months while our local library branch holds a storytime mostly year round (and score that both options are free!).

    Otherwise I know there is something called the Neighborhood Parents Network that also hosts playgroups, etc though the membership costs money. And you can always just take your LO to a play space (like the Sod Room in South Loop) or any playground and potentially strike up a conversation there with someone. Sometimes the park district also has Mom-n-Tot, etc classes so that may be worth looking into as well. Hope that helps!

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  • Where do you live or area? I live north of Chicago and will be moving back in Oct. I could use the same support
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